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500 Words At A Time: Research, The Final Frontier

Twenty-eight people responded in a way that we could use. Twenty-eight is not a lot of people. Thus if something happens with most of them that would be significant, wouldn’t it? 565 more words


500 Words At A Time: Research, First Contact

Lower your shields and surrender your blogs. Resistance is futile.*

And that is how the start of the research process felt. One blog was a sex blog. 540 more words


500 Words At A Time: Research, Wrath of Dragon


At that moment in time I am starring at the computer screen with a very puzzled expression. The word cow has not appeared on the screen. 567 more words


Unexpected advantages of voice recognition software

When your world is centred around getting the thesis written and time away from the laptop only has you feeling even more guilty that you are not writing, having voice recognition software maybe the answer. 666 more words

The PhD Journey And Other Wafflings...

Bite-sized Tips No. 22: Spellings – Part 17 – The Dragon Agrees

In no. 20 of this series, Watch out for the Dragon, I started highlighting some differences between what Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) will dictate and correct spellings according to the… 273 more words

Bite-sized Tips

Bite-sized Tips No. 20: Watch out for the Dragon

If you use Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) or another dictation software, you’ll probably have realised by now that it sometimes has a life of its own. 842 more words

Bite-sized Tips

How to Train Your Dragon

I have a Dragon. No, it doesn’t guard piles of gold in my garage (unfortunately), nor does it hold any princesses captive in a cave. My dragon lives on my computer. 806 more words