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Taming the Dragon: Can Dictation Be the Key to Massive Word Counts?

Dictation has become one of the topics among authors lately, ever since the Self Publishing Formula Podcast featured Scott Baker as a guest, and he extolled the virtues of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. 1,170 more words

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CampNaNoWriMo Preparation

CampNaNoWriMo starts on the 1st April, an appropriate date for all the self-deprecating writers who think their work is a joke. Thankfully over the last few months my chronic pain has reduced enough that I have started having some good sleep, generally not at night, it is more a case of being at random times; I have tried to establish a regular sleep cycle, but since I still have pain filled days this has proved unreliable. 692 more words


Typing Would Not be a Problem Here On

These days, people would like to work in a smart manner rather being a hard worker. The reason is that, today we are using smart technologies the most while comparing to the things which really need our efforts. 468 more words

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software – What is it actually?

It is needless to say that, typing long lines on your computer is a boring at the same time daunting task. Typing is boring and typing too fast is really cruel. 479 more words

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Use Speech Recognition Software and Experience the Benefit!

After the arrival of software, people find it easier to get done their works, no matter how tough the work is. Right from cleaning the system to getting done our own personal tasks, we have software now. 468 more words

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Wallowing in Positivity

During my bed-rest I contemplated whether to write a post about things, frustration and embarrassment were strong impediments. Since I have been in a long-term holding pattern with regards to work, training, and well, life in general, it felt like writing a blog post was not worthwhile, since it would be full of vagaries without any conclusion. 769 more words