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Dragon Quest Super Light Cafe draws near! Command?

Beating on smiling blue slimes for single points of experience and coins of gold is taxing work. So for those famished dragon questers and/or warriors in the Tokyo area… 300 more words


The Murder Mystery from the Creator of Dragon Quest

I’m always talking about the ways gaming pushes narrative. I had a real blast playing and writing about the first adventure game on the Famicom, Portopia. 191 more words


Five third party characters who won't be in Smash, but would be awesome in it.

Take Our PollRecently Nintendo announced that they would be taking ballots for a new DLC character. Even more recently, they stated that they would be okay with any nominations whatsoever. 1,339 more words


Throwback Thursday - Game Mechanics: Unnecessary Checkpoints

Growing up, I lived in a valley that was hedged in by foothills and mountains. The south end of the valley featured a Border Patrol Checkpoint. 278 more words


Dragon Quest

So you’ll probably see more about this in the future, but I think that the Dragon Quest series of video games is the shit. The first Dragon Quest game came out in 1985 and is considered the first Japanese RPG. 569 more words

F is for Fantasy

I consider Project Quintessence to be primarily science fiction, but it does have fantasy elements. It’s just, the “magic” and golems are given “scientific” explanations, making it more soft sci-fi. 448 more words


Dragon Warrior, Memories: First RPG I Played and Loved

I don’t remember how young I was when I first played this game. What I remember the most, was that there was a saved file (new idea back then), and the warrior on that file was way more powerful than my warrior. 702 more words

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