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What is Bland Systems?

Welcome to Bland Systems. Here we talk about bland and boring computers systems and video games such as Unix and Dragon Quest. Okay, well to some they may be boring and bland but not to me. 479 more words

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest: The Rail Shooter

Skipping ahead a few decades  since Super Ghost and Goblins, Jay and I spent the majority of last weekend playing Dragon Quests Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors for the Wii. 1,044 more words

Nintendo Switch: Games Confirmed for Switch!

During the Conference Nintendo teased new games being released for the Switch. 119 more words


Square Enix Reconfirms Dragon Quest X for Switch

The Dragon Quest X version for the Switch has been reconfirmed! Find out all the details inside. 74 more words

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Sweet As Syrup: Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Review

I found that I had been drawn to a lot of Pokemon clones this year. It’s understandable, since Pokemon has an immense amount of fans. I could never get into any Pokemon game past Gold and Silver, so I eventually gave up on the series. 1,869 more words

Sweet As Syrup Review

Most anticipated games for 2017

Valkyria Azure Revolution (PSVita)

I’ve been waiting for it a lot more “politely” since the horrendous Autumn demo. The Action-RPG focus that has been reconfirmed doesn’t fit with Valkyria’s universe, and the battle system itself is fishy at best. 800 more words


DEATH MTN is Having a 50%-Off T-shirt Sale, and Their Stuff is Rad

The folks at DEATH MTN are having a half-off sale on all of their t-shirts, which are usually metal-as-fuck renditions of different video game fandoms. If you’re in to nerdy game-related shirts that are more on the unique side, I highly recommend checking them out. 109 more words