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Dragon Quest VII Review

Written by: Ryan Thomas

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past (The 3DS Remake)

Mild Spoilers, because honestly we’re all adults here

First off, let me just say that I love the Dragon Quest series. 2,645 more words

Square Enix is Dominating October

Square Enix is ruling October with a lot of great games. I would argue that they probably should have spaced their releases out to make 2016 seem like the year of Square Enix, but that aside yes, October has been awesome with their support thus far. 161 more words


Dragon Quest Builders - Review

Since the dawn of time, mankind has utilised one technique to propel themselves throughout history; building. Well, there’s probably two or three other techniques, but they don’t relate to what I’m talking about, so I won’t talk about them. 1,971 more words

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The Eidansha Boshu Service Center was a company founded in Japan by Yasuhiro Fukushima in 1975. They mainly published tabloid magazines with real estate advertisements. 2,907 more words

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Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past - Post 3


Character Recruitment

Aishe (formerly Aira) – The chosen dancer of the Roamers in the present. However, she doesn’t seem to be content with her duty and wants to journey the world. 3,850 more words


Dragon Quest Producer Says More Dragon Quest Games Are Coming To The West

Today we have received some encouraging news for Dragon Quest fans thanks to Dragon Quest Builders producer, Noriyoshi Fujimoto. Speaking to UK trade publication MCV, Fujimoto said that the company is “committed” to bringing more Dragon Quest titles to the west which means that the games are exceeding or matching the company’s expectations. 41 more words


Dragon Quest Builders Game Review by Isxun

Dive into the world of Alefgard where you play as a builder who is tasked by the Almighty to restore the land to its former glory! 261 more words

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