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Dragon Quest XI's main protagonist's outfit may reveal a spoilery secret origin

Common knowledge to basically anyone conceivably reading this website, Japan is responsible for two of the world’s biggest, longest-running and most well-known console RPG series… 499 more words


Square Enix không có kế hoạch để mang Dragon Quest XI sang phương Tây

Square Enix không hề có kế hoạch để mang tựa game Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time tới với những người chơi phương Tây, điều này được công bố bởi tài khoản Dragon Quest Twitter. 160 more words

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Đoạn trailers đầu tiên của Dragon Quest of the Stars

Square Enix vừa ra mắt đoạn trailer đầu tiên cho tựa game Dragon Quest of the Stars, đây là tựa game được phát hành miễn phí trong năm nay dành cho người dùng smartphone. 57 more words

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The male cosplayers (and their occasionally faceless characters) of Summer Wonder Festival

Last weekend, we headed out to Chiba Prefecture to attend Wonder Festival, the world’s largest model and garage kit-building convention. Along with all sorts of inanimate representations of animated characters, we also checked out all of the impressive… 473 more words


Dragon Quest X sẽ xuất hiện trên Ps4

Dragon Quest X tựa game online duy nhất thuộc dòng Dragon Quest của Square Enix sẽ ra mắt phiên bản Ps4, hãng chính thức xác nhận điều này vào ngày hôm qua. 121 more words

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Dragon Quest, Japan’s Biggest RPG, Finally Goes Multi-Platform

Japan’s biggest role-playing game series is hedging its bets, with Dragon Quest XI coming to PlayStation 4, 3DS… and Nintendo’s NX, eventually.

The post Dragon Quest… 21 more words

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Dragon Quest XI: In Search Of Departed Time Announced For The PS4 And 3DS

You know, it’s awesome that Square Enix are getting creative with their off-shoot Dragon Quest titles like Heroes, Builders and Monsters Joker 3, but what the fans really long for deep inside is another addition to the main line of numerical titles; one that’s made specifically for the new age of video games, and one that’s not just an updated re-release of an older title. 200 more words