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Crofter's Moon

In my fantasy world spring truly arrives with the Crofter’s Moon. The soil warms and the old jenny plods before a hand-held plow. Seeds drop in tidy rows, and sprouts peek from the rich loam, tender promises of harvests to come. 330 more words

D. Wallace Peach

Hungry Moon

In my fantasy world, the Hungry Moon ushers in the thaw. Days lengthen, trees blossom and nature knits an emerald coverlet over the wilderness. The blues and grays of winter surrender to a tapestry of fresh color, and the sun rolls around like an old friend. 283 more words


Dragon Soul by Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett

Dragon Soul is the third book in Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett’s Volstovic cycle, following Havemercy (which I absolutely loved) and Shadow Magic (which left me feeling rather flat). 1,673 more words


Flood Moon

In my fantasy world, the month of the Flood Moon slides into fullness as winter wanes. The snow begins to melt, gorging streams and unleashing ice floes in swollen rivers.   546 more words


Burrower's Moon

In my fantasy world, the full face of the Burrower’s Moon heralds the coldest days of winter. Fronds of ice feather the windows, and the snow crunches and squeaks. 211 more words

D. Wallace Peach

Ice Moon

The dawn of between-time rises gray and slick with ice. Sheets of rain turn to sleet, to snow and back to rain, the cold raw and penetrating. 220 more words


Writing Animals into your Story

On occasion, authors may choose to write animals into their stories. Animals can be valuable additions if done well. They can also detract from a story if an author isn’t careful. 738 more words

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