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Writing Animals into your Story

On occasion, authors may choose to write animals into their stories. Animals can be valuable additions if done well. They can also detract from a story if an author isn’t careful. 738 more words

The Adventure Of Writing


Spirit Bomb 元気玉 is the 2015 “Encore Expansion Pak” to Onerom’s 2014 EP entitled “Kindered Spirits”

Six classic Dragon Ball opening themes get the Onerom… 22 more words


So GOLD In Here

Current favourite thing in WoW: Going transmog hunting on the Warrior, and taking pretty screenshots of her while doing so.

What’s even more fun is getting lots of gold for doing 25 HC Cataclysm raids! 522 more words

World Of Warcraft

The Dragon Soul Trilogy - All 3 at once because I hate to wait.

Three years in the making!

I haven’t blabbed about my books for awhile, but this summer is a busy one for me with four, yep FOUR, books hitting the press in the next 8 weeks. 390 more words


Tricky Boss Soloing: Spine of Deathwing

Because most bosses below Mists of Pandaria level are delightfully faceroll-ish, instead of doing full instance soloing guides, I’m going to focus on bosses that, even in a 6.1 world, have weird mechanics or are just plain difficult. 941 more words

World Of Warcraft

More Heavensward! (and ideas... kekekeke. Warning, mild rant post follows)

No real updates on Dragon Soul right now – I haven’t been writing really, and I’m oddly stuck on a couple of transitions and giving Toothless a Dravanian voice while he’s really, really upset about how he can’t fly and is likely going to die, and he’s sitting there shouting this all at poor Hiccup who’s sitting terrified on a ledge and about to have his first Echo vison.  134 more words


Chapter 4 of Dragon Soul is up!

Woo, next chapter!

Again, deliberate mirroring of some events and dialogue from the film, but definitely quite different actual events, given that there are no captive dragons.  141 more words