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Reaper's Moon

In my fantasy world, the Reaper’s Moon signals the arrival of autumn. The heat of summer blows west with curling seawinds, and morning fog rolls on the inland sea like living smoke. 442 more words


Thirsty Moon

In my fantasy world, the Thirsty Moon ushers in the last of the summer’s heat. Rain is scarce and rivulets run dry in sandy streambeds. Late season gardens thirst for a long steady shower after weeks of waterless weather. 437 more words

D. Wallace Peach

I Need a Little Help with Book Covers

I need your help with book covers.

My lovely book designer (for reasons beyond her control) had to back out of doing covers for my book series. 142 more words


The Verdant Moon

In my fantasy worlds, the Verdant Moon heralds the high heat of summer. On the sea, winter’s iron clouds have long blown west and the island’s white bluffs are alive with nesting fishers and heckling gulls. 493 more words


What it feels like to ride a Dragon

The meadow sings with crickets and dragons, swarms of bees and seeds on white wings. You wade into the blue-eyed grass, a waterless sea of larkspur, speedwell and mountain everlasting. 505 more words

D. Wallace Peach

The Lover's Moon

In my fantasy worlds, the Lover’s Moon ushers in the ripeness of summer. Fiddleheads unfurl on the mountain paths and the high meadow blooms with fireweed, toadflax, and pearl everlasting. 762 more words


It's All About the Love Story

Just wanted to read a love story.

I found a series, The Apocolypse, by Melody Anne that fit that bill perfectly… 

It’s funny, because the books weren’t good. 455 more words