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James C Dragon | How might you outline a reasonable winged serpent fit for flying and firebreathing?

James C Dragon | The exemplary western dragon has a long neck, long tail, four legs and two bat like wings, has horns, is expansive (here and there mammoth) and is canvassed in substantial scales. 267 more words


Life Echoes A Book

On the bus today, I noticed the young woman beside me had a tattoo. I am fascinated by this and asked her about it.  Usually, when I do this, the people are very enthusiastic to talk about it.  95 more words

Aspirations, Reflections, Perfection

Continuing the Millennium Series: Lisbeth ‘Takes an Eye for an Eye’

Contra mundum.

In the wake of #MeToo and Times Up campaigns, this apt book places radical measures into the hands of our favorite hacker Lisbeth Salandar, who always wants to punish bullies and abusers. 471 more words

Get Lit

James C Dragon | How Can We Use Dragons in Feng Shui?

James C Dragon | The propensity of Western culture is to speak to dragons as wild evil presences out to decimate everything in their way, however in the Orient, a feng shui dragon is viewed as a greatly effective defender, it speaks to progress, riches, thriving, influence, good fortunes in affection, and otherworldly development. 496 more words


James C Dragon | How to Understand the Powerful Meanings behind Dragon Tattoo Designs

James C Dragon | Everywhere throughout the world, dragon tattoo designs have been prominent and still are. The considerable thing about having a dragon tattoo is that you can have it on essentially any piece of your body and it will look incredible. 487 more words


My Beach Read

Hi, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your summer reads! I have a weeklong vacation coming up, and I am getting some beach reads together for where else, but… the beach! 404 more words