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Leopard Dragon (Leo) - There Will be Blood, Part II

Well I finally finished this dragon, except for making him a base. A lot of blood sweat, and tears went into this project (literally)! The next thing I needed to do was to give him some color so I painted all the lighter parts and added his horns. 1,205 more words

Cloth Mache'

Dragon Flying Over England

Soon after I posted the article about Lure of the Dragon Lair, a friend of mine shared the following video with me. It purportedly shows a dragon flying somewhere over England. 97 more words



Sunday April 1 is a triple Dragon day, one of the luckiest days of the year:

a Dragon day, in Dragon month, during this Dragon year. 64 more words

Susan Levitt

Pink Skull

who is pink skull?

why HER name in the corner of the logo?

why is HER name pink skull?

why am i asking so many questions?

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Dragon lovers club

Name sounds bad, but anyways i am helping them by making a forum for them and like just bloomed fast now, so join if you wish. 9 more words