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Dragon Quest : Facts and Fiction

With a game of such magnitude, you know there will be rumours spreading like wildfire. As with most rumours, some have a basis in truth, while others are simply wrong. 2,299 more words

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  Some research I conducted for the Dragon Quest Castle a long time ago. A look at some of the pervasive Dragon Quest rumours of the time.

Dragon Quest - Pafu-Pafu

Pafu-Pafu / Puff-Puff

Pafu-Pafu is a running gag in the Dragon Quest titles whereby a bunny-girl will sandwich the hero’s face in between her breasts and then push them towards your face. 855 more words

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Happy 30th Anniversary - Dragon Quest

Today, thirty years ago, Dragon Quest was released by Enix in Japan and quickly snowballed into a cultural phenomenon.

It’s simple design and mechanics would serve to inform later JRPGs on the NES such as Square’s Final Fantasy in 1987 (1990 for NA audiences). 1,907 more words


Throwback Thursday: Dragon Warrior

So, to be a little bit biased, this is actually what I am currently playing on the Nintendo spectrum and I couldn’t be any more surprised/aware of how this game basically changed the modern RPG genre. 461 more words

Dragon Quest

My Gotham City Games haul, 5/5/16

What I got which you may not see clearly fro the photo is:

Batman Returns, SNES, a great beat em up, in a history of the great Batman video game franchise. 74 more words

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Po Fanatic!


                        The legendary dragon warrior is back with his furious gang!!!

                         Po-the panda has returned and as he says there is no charge for awesomeness. 517 more words

Dragon Warrior hack

had a dream me and tetts were winning the super bowl

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