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Why I'm Getting an Anime-Inspired Tattoo

This post serves as sort of a time capsule for the future me. It will serve as a way to remind me why I got this tattoo, my thoughts and feelings about it during this stage of my life.  2,268 more words

Akatsuki No Yona

Royal Gathering The Finished Song

May I present to you…”Royal Gathering” a song of my own creation and the theme for Talis one of my most powerful characters. Enjoy!


Dragon Quest XI Western Release and Pre-Order

Dragon Quest XI has finally been announced for a Western release. I was beginning to get a bit concerned by the lack of news on a date, but it appears we finally have one on September 4th this year. 121 more words


Before the JRPG: Where did they come from?

Over the next week or so I will be writing a collection of blog posts that construct a fair representation of what a JRPG is. This will be important to understand and explain to readers before proceeding with the larger questions pertinent to my research. 882 more words

Japanese RPGs

Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior: Espresso Shot Review

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Games with Coffee! Let thy cup runneth full of beany goodness!

If the slight Olde English hasn’t tipped you off yet, today I’ll be talking about the very first RPG I’ve ever played: Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System! 2,015 more words


To the Border!

Today: Fire Emblem Gaiden, Ch. 3: Alm from Desaix’s Fortress to the Sluice Gate.

Revised rules for reinforcements; grinding. 1,799 more words

Fire Emblem

Dragon Warrior (NES)

Forsooth, thou art most rad!

Now this takes me back. What can I even say about 1986’s Dragon Quest, better known here as Dragon Warrior? It was the first RPG for the Famicom/NES and consequently the first that many gamers of my generation, myself included, were ever exposed to. 1,772 more words