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Dragon Quest VII Remake - First Impressions

About a year ago, I reviewed the original Dragon Quest VII, and is a game I quite enjoy. It’s a game that’s infamous for its length, though apparently a game very few people have actually seen the end of. 475 more words

First Impressions

5 Video Games That I Sorely Miss

Nowadays, I’m nothing of a gamer. I own an Xbox 360 that is covered in dust, my Live membership having lapsed long ago. In my youth, however, a video game controller was often in my hands (or being thrown from them during a temperamental rage-quit) after I reluctantly came inside. 959 more words

Revelations And Doorknobs

Kung Fu Panda 3 (Movie Review)

It’s About: When Master Shifu announces his retirement, Po is faced by a new challenge. He’s not a student anymore, he has to teach Kung Fu. 404 more words


Defeating the Metal Slime

Video games helped me lose weight.

That sounds like the start of a Wii Fit informercial. Let’s start over.

Ding! Level Up

There is a special monster in the  939 more words

Video Game Blog

Master Po Ping

“The Sword of Heroes! Said to be so sharp you can get cut just by looking at – Ow! ” – Po


In the grip of Nostalgia

For my birthday last month, my oldest son got me a set of Super Mario notebooks from Thinkgeek. It’s got a lined notebook, a pocket graph book, and an unlined one, which I promptly drew a pic of Mario in. 85 more words


Don't Drop That Phone: Why autism and video games click

(Phone reference is to mobile phone/iOS games such as  Cookie Clicker)

It’s that time of year again.

The biggest video game convention in the world!   771 more words