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Dragon Well Gold West Lake 2016

Tasting Notes: Jing Tea, Dragon Well Gold West Lake 2016

This is pretty much the best green tea in the world, so I did have high hopes – especially as it’s the most expensive tea I have ever bought at a quid a gram!

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Tea Delivery!

Excited! One old favourite – Jing’s Silver Needles are always ace – one new adventurous experiment in the Puerh cakes and a massive luxury treat, this year’s Dragon Well.

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A Taste of Spring: First Flush Dragonwell

It’s the beginning of spring, and in the tea world that means one thing: first flush teas! The first harvest, or “first flush” of the year yields the highest quality teas, both in taste and health benefits. 366 more words


Here Be Dragons!

Longjing, which means Dragon Well, is a pan-fired green tea, which comes from from the area around Longjing Village, near Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province, China. 403 more words


Award Winning Dragon Well: Tao Tea Leaf

Well, aren’t I just like the husband who forgets his anniversary! Here I’ve been waiting to post on my 2nd blogiversary… which I thought to be January 6th… only to find I missed it by 2 days!! 407 more words


Amazing Green Tea Long Jing (Dragon Well) - Jipin and AAA Grades

Amazing Green Tea is an online tea shop that sells a small selection of teas, and it introduced me to really, really high-grade fine green teas a few years ago. 353 more words


Tasting Notes: Curious Tea, Ding Gu Da Fang

This is a really nice one. It reminds me of  Dragon Well, which would make sense as it’s thought to be an ancestor of that leaf.

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