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Dragon Meets World - fall

I finally got around to photographing my dragon. Dragons are cool enough to work in any setting, but somehow I still felt nervous about this batch of photos. 220 more words

Dungeons And Dragons


On this day that certain dragon will roar
causing the heavens to shake
and send all the stars on an earthbound path.
A pair of blue wings will shoot into the firmament… 116 more words


Art History Final Project

This piece took me around 12 hours on painting not including allowing my paint layers to dry. While this was my final, I was allowed freedom to do whatever I wanted. 50 more words


The Dragon Quest of Peres the Knight

Even for a Knight with the valor of Peres the Worthy, entering the lair required all his courage. He had never faced such a formidable foe as this fiend. 660 more words

Short Story

The Dragon

As I awaken from sleep

In the brisk, cold air

Bearing pain and distress

On the earth, dry and bare,

My arms and legs are chained… 89 more words


The Wishing Map 42

Note: To read The Wishing Map from the beginning, click here.

The Wishing Map

Chapter Ten: Lost… (Continued)

Previously: After being mistakenly celebrated as a great warrior princess and given a mansion to live in, Gina was exposed by blackmailers. 595 more words


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Dragon sketch

So, here I present the pencil sketch of Dragon (Graphite on paper) which I drew today itself.

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Hope you liked it! Feedbacks and suggestions are warmly welcome! 6 more words