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Heart, Mind and Soul

In Jesus’ way, loving one’s neighbour includes the care and support of those who hate me, see me as less than, or simply don’t have the same worldview/faith/opinions. 77 more words


An Unfamiliar Sight

Prompt: ” At the age of 13 children are able to summon their familiars for the first time. Your family has always been ridiculed for weak and useless familiars until the day of your 13th birthday when you summon your familiar for the first time.” 2,963 more words

Allen The Writer

Distant Hayley R. Hardman #writephoto

There were once three companions, a dwarf, a gnome and a fire sprite, who decided to set off on an adventure to the Ice Capped Mountains to kill the red dragon, Usullen, and take his treasure. 82 more words

Photo Prompt

George’s bed is protected by dragons

We went to bed too late for books last night.

“Will you lie down with me?” George asked.  He moved his stuffed animals to make room.  963 more words


It has been confirmed on a japanese news paper, that after the Tournament of Power arc is over Dragonball Super will no longer be broadcasting! As they have announced the anime Gegege No Kitaro, which is a reboot of and anime that was showing during the 80’s and early 90’s. 138 more words


James C. Dragon | How To Create A Bearded Dragon Vivarium

James C. Dragon | To make the ideal environment for the wellbeing and satisfaction of your hairy dragon, there are vital components to consider from the sort of fenced in area to the choice of substrate and plants. 424 more words