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The love of dragons

I must admit that I love dragons, the dragons found in the fairytales and in the adventures. The bold creatures that turn up in many different stories even in modern day. 561 more words


The Sword of the light

Dragon – You are going to die!!!!

Hero – Noooooooo!!!!  Death is me…I am death for you.

Dragon – Arrrgh!! Ahahahha!!! You foolish human…. I am the ancient dragon. 754 more words


LSS Cytherous

Dragon-carved star frigate of the Galactic League, LSS Cytherous is typical of the League’s design approach to spacegoing vessels.

The Galactic League is an ancient transstellar body of numerous sapient species, whose incredibly high technology masks the inherent reactionary conservatism of its members. 235 more words



Many years ago, a fearsome dragon terrorised the land. The dragon had a hunger that could not be sated. It ate the livestock, the wildlife, and even, on occasion, the children. 103 more words

Stories By Sarah

Druids and Qigong

Ancient Druids were aware of what they referred to as the Dragon coursing through their bodies and the universe. Practitioners of qigong know this as well called qi. 33 more words

Anime x Lit Crit: Vampires & Valentines - Toradora! 04

Welcome to Episode 4 of Toradora. Check out our discussion of Episode 4 of Shiki on Primes’ website when it’s up.

The student council president (I think that’s what she is?) is introduced! 2,046 more words