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Day 269 Mile 269: A Preposterous Undertaking

Day 269 Mile 269: A Preposterous Undertaking. Living less than a mile outside a national park, nature provides an innumerable trove of attractive routes, silly challenges and visual marvels. 319 more words


Landon to the Rescue

The 30th Story in the Adventures of the Ambrosial Dragon: A Children’s Fantasy Series

The living stuffed animals were beginning to stir. If Buddy didn’t do something soon, they’d wake up to find Landon gone. 2,267 more words

Short Story

Mommy & Me Monday: Psalm 23

Thanks everyone for your patience! Mommy & Me Mondays are back and I’m so excited! If you’re new to the site, Mommy & Me Mondays are a chance to pull up a chair and a box of crayons (or fancy markers) with a little one in your life and talk about Jesus as you color together. 295 more words

Mommy & Me Mondays

Saving the Egg

The 29th Story in the Adventures of the Ambrosial Dragon: A Children’s Fantasy Series

“How far do we have to walk, Gerlilanum?”

To eight-year-old Landon, it seemed like he, the dragon, and the donkey had been walking for days, but it couldn’t have been more than a few hours…or could it? 1,691 more words

Short Story

Photography - It's More Fun In The Philippines

A week in the Philippines where everything is (according to the tourist board) more fun. Well it’s been too long since I had fun playing with my camera, so this was a great opportunity to enjoy myself.


A Lengthy Stay in the '90s: Savage Dragon

Since Savage Dragon #225 hit, I’ve found myself on quite a Savage Dragon binge. I already had a couple collected editions–including the original–Baptism by Fire… 436 more words


Things are different now

He lies in bed next to me, blue gray eyes watching as my hand sweeps his hair out of his face. He catches my wrist and pulls it down to the blankets, interrupting our conversation of what to make for dinner with the question, “What’s this?” 517 more words

Cw: Self Harm