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Dragon Breathing Darkness

Time to put the bird-watching book aside and write a dragon-watching book, I think!


Chain Chronicle - The Light of Haecceitas Episode 12


Hey, after 12 episodes I finally spelt the name right on the first go instead of the fifth. There’s an achievement. Anyway, this ends pretty much exactly the way you would expect given the story so far. 213 more words



Let the minotaur roar,
thunder its hooves
against the stone

of its twisted halls.
Call the cyclops
from its cave;

hear its foul bellow burst… 44 more words


Daryl and Denise - Chapter 19

For the past few months, Denise, between the occasional monster fight, had been looking for Mark to see what exactly what he was up to, with little luck. 1,073 more words


Stop Dragon my Heart Around

I’d like to introduce you all to my new pet, Drags. ┬áHe’s completely housebroken, will never dig up the back yard, hork a hairball in the middle of the hallway, or jump on your chest at 3am because he wants his food bowl filled. 813 more words

Kickstarter Preview: Castle Dukes

I think things be majority of gamers loving building things, be it tree houses, dream homes, or castles. I also know that that same majority has an affinity for 3D games. 302 more words


The FINAL Final Final Edit: Onto The Final Act

Today we wrapped up the final edits of chapter 13 of my fantasy/adventure epic Never Heroes, the tale of a selfish dragon who, by way of being blackmailed, goes on to become a great hero. 645 more words