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Male Common Darter

Female Common Darter

Male Common Darter

Female Common Darter

Group of Common Darters basking along the track

On account of the lovely weather in October there were lots of Common Darter dragonflies on the wing during the month. 391 more words


Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly Photography With Teleconverters & Extension Tubes

This Female Blue Dasher Dragonfly flew into a bush close to the edge of a pond where I was set up for photographing Dragonflies. I was concentrating on a different dragonfly before I noticed this one. 448 more words



Darting to and fro,

seeking sun and place to land.

Wings sparkle with light.

I like my flower and insect images dreamy. I think it is boring to make a flower or bug image that looks like it should be in a field guide so I like to create something that makes a statement when photographing them. 246 more words



A Brown Hawker Dragonfly laying her eggs. An absence of water birds allowed the lake surface to settle almost glass smooth and produced a perfect mirror image.


Little Bradley Ponds

First visit on Saturday to Little Bradley Ponds near Bovey Tracey. Apparently its ‘dragonfly heaven’.

The morning sun had already been obscured by thick wodges of cloud by the time we got there (around 11) We sit on the spongy rim of the pond munching our hogs pud sarnies staring out at the gentle pitter patter of rain on the lily pads. 278 more words


Black Saddlebags dragonfly (male)

When I’m walking in/out of the wildlife watching parks that I like to visit some people ask, “Did you see/take photographs of anything good?” In my experience, their idea of “anything good” is either birds or large mammals. 94 more words

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