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Middleton Nature Reserve

Migrant Hawker.

Being the continuing adventures of a taxi-driving Dad.

Last Saturday, B had a rugby match, playing hooker (he’s suitably bonkers) for his school team away at Morecambe High (where, many moons ago, I used to teach). 678 more words


Gentian Trifecta

I’ve mentioned that this spring and summer have been a time of flower exploration for me. Whereas in past years I  might travel to find certain bird species, this year I traveled around northern Ohio to see our various wildflowers as they bloomed.   637 more words


Treasure Island sunset...

A few different scenes at Treasure Island tonight.  Saw the dragonflies and went to take a picture and then figured out that I was intruding on a very private moment.   25 more words


Fine-lined Emerald dragonfly redux (Part 2)

The same Fine-lined Emerald dragonfly (Somatochlora filosa) was photographed while it perched on grasses located in two shady places along one of the trails at  220 more words

Digital Photography

Dragonfly Afternoon

It’s the season for the huge red dragonflies. They’re out swooping over my pool. I should go join them, but I’m sure the water it is too hot since it is still coming in from the mineral hot spring that feeds the pool. 122 more words