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At work on a holiday.

We’re having such a wonderful day, it is just enough warm, around 20C (68F), a weak luke warm wind and lots of sunshine even if it at the moment is rather cloudy. 425 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

Dragonflies on Deer Creek

female – paler than male, orange streaks on edges of wings
Habitat: springs, ponds, slow streams, lakes, river pools, irrigation ditches
Active & Flying: February – December… 54 more words

Stage One: Information Gathering

Late Afternoon Sunlight

Gila Woodpecker, female

A few days ago, when it was unseasonably cool, I wandered over to the Desert Botanical Garden around 5 pm. It was not crowded at all, the birds were happily chirping and eating, everything was blooming, and the sun made it all glow. 62 more words


Big News

It’s been a while since the last post on this blog. I guess we’ve been busy, but not too busy to bring you the news that REALLY matters.

Today in 15.5: copulating dragonflies :O

Dragonflies Mating

A sure sign of spring. Mating dragonflies. Long Ridge Open Reserve, Skyline Blvd., La Honda, CA.

Photograph Of The Day

Swarm Report: 1/1/2017 - 5/19/17

I am so very behind on getting data from the Dragonfly Swarm Project shared here, but I wanted to get the data from this year so far up!   407 more words


Naturelog: 16th May

A bright sunny day and a chance to do the weekly butterfly and dragonfly survey on my home patch. It has been a somewhat slow start to the year with sporadic butterflies and just two records so far of Large Red Damselfly (two weeks ago Рwhich was an early date for this site) and nothing since. 210 more words

Natural History