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I Hunted Dragons Once

I hunted dragons once. Courting danger,
Armed with nothing but a net, my hands, a jam jar,
I ventured onto wastelands alone, a stranger
To my primeval prey, a knight to war. 281 more words


Original X-Wing Fighter.

While I was photographing this Slaty Skimmer, it reminded me of the X-Wing fighter in the original Star War movies. I wonder if the Star Wars X-Wing fighter was drafted from dragonflies. 6 more words


First Dragonfly

Spring may have come to stay this time.  It has warmed up and we have had a wonderful rebirth in the insect and spider population.  I was gone all day yesterday for my Mother’s funeral, so I was outside today and saw the first dragonfly of this year in my garden.  76 more words


The vigil...

You’ve heard of waiting for paint to dry?  Well, waiting for Sandhill crane eggs to hatch is just as bad.  I don’t know why I’ve gotten it into my head that it will be any second now.   478 more words


The good and the bad...

The good thing about dragonflies is that they return to the same spot all the time.  So you can get yourself ready, get the camera focused, and you’ll be ready to take your photo when he returns.   295 more words