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Cobra Clubtail head-tilts

Regular readers of my photoblog know I’m fond of head-tilts in which the dragonfly seems to display some of its personality, especially when the individual is looking at me.  92 more words

Digital Photography

How to Hunt a Dragon

Examine a dragonfly’s history —
Scientists find its habits a mystery.
Long wingspan of a fossil dragonfly,
hints at a nuclear intense CHI.
Perhaps a dragonfly’s wings are crystal. 44 more words



A ripple of movement snags my gaze, a tiny slender wand alights, with cellophane wings and huge prismic eyes. At just the right angle, Sunlight, ever the opportunist, finds delicate wings to magnify her shine. 294 more words


Eastern Newts Dining On Hapless Dragonflies

Inevitably, as newly-emerged drying dragonflies and damselflies hang over the surface of the water on emergent vegetation, breezes blow and some of them lose their grip, falling into the water below.  86 more words

Male dragonflies are not as violent as thought

by Piter Kehoma Boll

Males and females are defined by their gametes. Males have tiny, usually mobile gametes, while females have very large gametes that usually do not move. 725 more words


Dragonflies Eclosing

The sudden hot weather seems to have triggered a mass emergence of dragonflies and damselflies.  The emerging vegetation along the shores of ponds is covered with larval Odonates (members of the order of insects that includes dragonflies and damselflies) metamorphosing into adults.  155 more words

East Texas Butterfly Trip

Just back from a delightful butterfly trip with a few friends all last week to East Texas, and have gotten through all the pictures that made it home with me. 1,061 more words