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May Day! May Fly! May May May!

The May Fly is a magical creature, who packs an entire lifetime into a single day.  They flit from tree to bush, wafting gracefully on gossamer wings.  149 more words

Dragonfly munching.

I took this picture last year during the summer. I noticed a dragonfly that was very still on a piece of wood. I approached and discovered that it was munching on a bee. 22 more words



Dragonfly in Mauritius

Dragonfly in Mauritius

Dragonfly in Mauritius

Dragonfly in Mauritius

Some closeup shots of a blue Dragonfly on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. 11 more words


The Girl with the Dragon.... fly Pendant

Drake gifted me a dragon fly pendant! I wanted it for ages. Apparently the dragonfly is supposed to symbolize adaptability to change and changing perspectives associated with self realization and maturity. 19 more words


Damsels or dragons?

One of the best things about writing this blog is that I’m constantly learning new things. When this gorgeous creature flitted across my path in Bute Park on Wednesday, I thought ‘Ooooo, my first dragonfly of the year!’ Wrong! 206 more words


Dragon Fly - Symbol of Fairytales

Can anybody enlighten me, why every fairy tale / movie, symbolically mentions/ shows Dragonflies ?
What is Dragon fly to do with Fairy Tales ? 11 more words


#Travel #500px : Fliegendes Juwel by helmi1 by helmi1 #photography#IFTTT

Hallo zusammen,

Blaugrüne Mosaikjungfer beim Patrouillieren erwischt.

Liebe Grüsse Helmut

via 500px http://ift.tt/1NxMsHL