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Painted Skimmer Dragonfly

Since we moved, going from Northern NJ to Central NJ, I have to learn the specific names of some of my favorite subjects to photograph, Dragonflies & Damselflies. 143 more words


Dragonfly Hatch


Standing on the cobbled, muddy edge of a lazy section of the Hudson River in the Adirondacks, watching the clear tannin browned water slip quietly by through the cool muggy morning air, I glance down and notice a dragonfly who has just emerged from the husk of its nymph form. 125 more words

Magic Moments

When You Get More Than You Bargined For!

When you think you’ve taken a pretty good shot of a small damsonfly eating an aphid and then zoom in and find there are a lot more things living on that dandilion!! 28 more words


Happy Summer

Summer is when dragonflies dance and we pick berries early in the morning. Wishing you a joy-filled summer!

Nature's Treasures

....of summer Fridays....

Lemonade Sun

Popsicle stains.
Fudgesical fun.
Strawberry sizzle–
lemonade sun.


This sky-ballerina,
this glimmering
glides in a gown
of lucid blue–
with wings that you… 18 more words

Transient Dawn

To me, this photo represents transience.

I had woken early one morning last summer. As is my habit, I had stepped outside to check the mail, and paused to breathe in the cool morning air, the kind that is slightly humid as the fallen dew evaporates under the warm fingers of sunlight. 143 more words

Musings And Meanderings