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Michael Wekerle does Waterloo: Father of six with rock 'n' roll lifestyle sees money to be made on BlackBerry's troubles

Rocket, who goes by just one name, wears a black baseball cap, black shades, a long-sleeved stretchy black t-shirt over his muscular torso, and black pants. 1,990 more words

FP Street

Real Estate Webmasters walked away from a Dragons' Den deal — and captured a Shark Tank investor

Morgan Carey, founder and chief executive of Nanaimo, B.C.-based Real Estate Webmasters (REW) spoke this year at the T3 summit in Las Vegas, a think tank for executives looking to innovate in the US$1-trillion real estate industry that earmarks about US$15 billion a year for marketing. 942 more words


Sacrificing mental health to dragons

The Labour Party has had a sneak peek at the process our government is using to pick “providers” for its mercenary social impact bonds scheme… 276 more words


Surviving Hitchhiking

From New York to San Francisco to Seattle to Portland to Vancouver to Whistler back to Vancouver to…Salt Spring Island! I’m currently sitting in a room with a view of the water thanks to Airbnb, eating Cadbury Mini Eggs because they’re available YEAR ROUND here in Canadaland. 316 more words


Calgary’s Brett Wilson participating in ‘Time Auction’ where bids are volunteer hours

Calgary entrepreneur and philanthropist Brett Wilson is offering a chance to pick his brain to the winners of an online auction that uses volunteer hours as currency instead of money. 225 more words


REVIEW | Frame Again

We can’t remember the last time we actually held a physical copy of a photo we’ve taken in the past few years! Which is all very odd considering we now take a zillion more photos with our phone than we ever did with that device called a camera. 212 more words


Crowd Funding Reinvented - What is Your dream?

Crowdfunding is quickly becoming the Internet’s #1 newest, most exciting phenomenon and social trend for raising funds by providing a convenient website platform that allows people to support any project you create by sharing. 137 more words

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