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“Not waking…? Oh no!” Marioun was the first to react, racing down to the hold with Thia and Rian hot on her heels. They all stumbled a bit as they waited for their eyes to adjust, scanning the hold to find the man. 1,199 more words

365 Day Challenge

Drop me a line 22! The Nolavia Curse Part Eight.


This sentence from Rae had to be shortened to fit the situation but made Anaira come alive for me.


A familiar smell, no, a fragrance, wafted through the keyhole… 881 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Once Upon a Time Moments: Season Four

Alright my lovelies, it’s time to delve back into one of my all-time favorite shows: Once Upon a Time!!! I’ve been trying to keep up with season five online (which is a bit of a nightmare really, I’m not used to dealing with commercials and weeklong breaks!) but I’m still reeling from all the shocks and surprises of season four and believe me, there were many! 2,010 more words


Hello again, friend!

New Year’s, as a holiday, is a strange critter. We assign digits to days, names to moon-cycles, numbers to years. We all agree that, yes, this thing called a year begins on this thing we will call “the first,” in this larger container we will call “January.” 1,355 more words


The Legend of Blue: Chapter 1 Five Years Ago

Here it is. My first shot at fiction since the surgery. It is a restart of the Legend of Blue.

The snow hung heavy on the pines, bowing their branches low. 1,555 more words


The Dragon-Keeper


Protect him, please, he keeps a dragon,

A fire-breathing beast that sears his soul,

A scaly scavenger that wears his flesh down,

Haunts and follows everywhere he… 112 more words



HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!!! It’s a great day to catch some awesome deals and to walk off some of the food you ate on Thanksgiving! So in the spirit of awesome deals on Black Friday, I have a deal to share with you! 173 more words

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