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The Thunder Rise

Often when creating a character for any role-playing game, my first challenge is to create a realistic personality. There are enough ‘Edgelord’ elven assassins and ‘Grog-the-dumb-barbarian’s’ in fiction that often we don’t need to think too deeply to understand who they are. 706 more words


Neuith - Three-Dragon Ante Tarot


Since the topic just came up on Facebook, I thought I’d go ahead and post this here so people who are interested can take a look. 405 more words


Writing: Next Steps

Two topics covered in today’s post:

  1. Update to how my manuscript was received by my writing group (directly below)
  2. Info on my next project and the new and improved(???) writing process for that.
  3. 1,447 more words


Can one write too much about dragons?



If the ink,
complacent in its well,
is stirred
by a proper quill
then swirled

into a poem… 44 more words


Immortal Coil (A Dragon Spirit Novel, Book 1)


 Two souls. One Body. Sharing is not an option…

Terrible news has turned Anaea Salis’s life upside down. There’s nothing she can do to make it right, and the stranger who stops to talk to her can’t help. 425 more words


Flat Characters, Clunky World Building and a Somewhat Fulfilled Promise of Dragons: The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli

This book checks all the reasons I hate YA Fantasy. 

I wrote about this one in one of my Judging Books By Their Covers post (pretty sure it was… 978 more words

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