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Curse of the Rising Mummy

The Eleventh Story in the Adventures of the Ambrosial Dragon: A Children’s Fantasy Series

It had been almost a week since Landon had first encountered… 3,552 more words

Short Story


Ten p.m. drapery of fog

Mere inches ahead

In an obscured backyard

Now unfamiliar territory

Feeling freaked

And not reassured

By my dogs’ growls

Peering through concealing mist… 68 more words


Unusual Dragon Hoards

It’s a Monday morning, and in an effort to make myself smile, I went and discovered (well, re-discovered) a whole bunch of picture that never fail to make me smile. 99 more words


Joan of Arc - as shared with Suryananda.

JOAN OF ARC – As Shared With Suryananda.

February 2017.

I AM Joan of Arc and it is my pleasure to come and chat with you Dearest Suryananda, for we have much in common, not only both being on The Blue Ray, but our Light Family is the same, for we are both on the Amitabha Buddha Sun Line – the Sun Son playing a deeply significantly role in our innumerable journeys through The Cosmos and Worlds Within Worlds and Galaxies, as well as Ancient Civilisations, whether Venus, Atlantis and other Star Systems, so we have breathed the same air and vibrations, for where such love and attunement exists, we are never separate, and so it has been with us. 1,823 more words