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Top Ten Tips for D & D Virgins (Trust me honey, it won't hurt at all)

When I explain to people about the game, there is a lot of confusion. Half of them must be imagining a series of calculations, scrawled across a whiteboard, with a “Big Bang Theory” style spread of symbols, equations and formulas. 1,286 more words


Making Amends

It was my last day in Vesaria before heading home. I just didn’t know what home was anymore. Everwood, Drakemoore, and Tarell all had reasons to claim me as their own but I wasn’t entirely sure where I belonged after all of this. 533 more words

Editor Approved

Here be Dragons

Nick Creech

The adventures of Welsh twins, recruited by a small dragon for an important task, travelling back to the time of Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table. 12 more words


7x7x7x7 Writing Challenge

Kathleen, my fellow author and CP has challenged me! In this challenge you go to your seventh page of your WIP, go down seven lines and post the next seven lines and tag seven authors to do the same. 168 more words


Freestyle Writing Challenge

I was recently nominated for this challenge by the wonderful Sara LeTourneau.  I was a bit intimidated by the idea, but I actually enjoyed it. 751 more words


Ten Questions for a Fictional Character - Cardin from The Sword of Dragons

Hi everyone!

I wanted to try something new today for all of you.  Every now and then, I’ve read on other bloggers’ sites ‘interviews’ with their characters to help readers learn more about those characters, and it seemed like a really fun idea!  844 more words


Dragon tree

As I was walking Tag (my dog) through one of our favorite oak groves, we came upon a dragon camouflaged within a tree.  I stared at him for quite a while. 15 more words