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How Many of Each Size Habitat Fit on a Dragonvale Island

I keep seeing questions somewhere along the lines of “how many can fit on an island?”. Generally, they’re asking how many Large Rainbow habitats fit, or Seasonal, or whichever, for the purpose of setting up a Dragoncash Mine (click this… 250 more words


Dragoncash Mine Strategies

What Do You Need?

So you want to earn more dragoncash in a day? You want to set up a “Dragoncash mine” and bring in millions? 978 more words


Chinese takeout floats!

Via Tumblr: LipstickStainedLove from DragonInAFez: Lyseekat: “Normally, I would not post a bathtub photo, but I just wanted to let everyone know that Chinese takeout floats. This is critical info.”


Gathyra’s Heart: Festival of Scales

By Alicia Steen

It is the seventh and final day of Gathyra’s Magic Games, and you are still wondering why Sranus brought you along. You didn’t know much about the white haired wizard, but then, neither did anyone else. 1,506 more words


A Faerie in a Purple Dress: Seventeen


The Color of Magic

Everything and everyone was in place. Reynard and Nai stood next to me as we hid in the shadows of the alley near the closest entrance to the palace. 3,340 more words



Midori is my lime green baby dragon who is coming out of her shell and ready to meet the world!

Okay, not really, she’s far too shy for that and would much rather remain in her nest. 20 more words

What I Want

What I want is not to want what isn’t mine” -Tori Amos, “Another Girl’s Paradise”

It’s the end of the marking period. Stuff to grade. Comments to write.

345 more words