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Book Review - Dragon Slayer 1-3 by Michael-Scott Earle

Book: Dragon Slayer books 1-3

Author: Michael-Scott Earle

Genre: Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery

Part of a Series: Yes

Finally, a fantasy series to review. Dragon Slayer is a pulp harem fantasy series following Chicago firefighter Ethan Dapaolo. 362 more words


How To Train Your Dragon - Movie Review

How To Train Your Dragon is Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. It is based of the the series of books with the same name written by… 741 more words



Johnny smiled and waved at the Tasker he’d gotten to know a little bit when he’d started working for Crimson as a tech advisor. However, he put his hand down with a quickness when he realized the guy wasn’t exactly happy to be at HQ.   4,071 more words



The looks on the faces of my characters did not match the strength and determination in my voice; their looks more closely matched the lack of confidence I was trying to mask with my bravado. 1,319 more words

Question: Do Dragons Have Eyelashes?

“Do Dragons have eyelashes?” ~A young Querent.
“Yes. Many Dragons have body hair, including eyelashes. I have what I feel to normal-length lashes. Burmah has longer lashes. 15 more words

Question: Is Time Travel Possible?

“Is time travel possible?” ~Querent.
“Yes, it absolutely is. There are a few different types of travel. There is the kind people think of from film, television and literature, where individuals apparate from one place or time to another. 301 more words