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Just say NO to Draino!

I have recently come to the conclusion that Draino sucks big, fat , hairy balls when it comes to really handling the big dogs…and by big dogs I mean the clump of hair so enormous it could pass for a small chihuahua that was clogging my drain. 375 more words

Quick Tips: Cleaning Kitchen Drains

There’s nothing worse than a smelly, stinky kitchen drain. The sink gets a lot of dirt, grease and mess down the plug hole. After a while, the build up starts to smell and it really needs to be cleaned. 63 more words


Sink Plungers are Not Toilet Plungers

Thankfully, my current home has good plumbing and I haven’t needed a plunger in a long time. But, I can’t say the same about previous places, especially some of those places in college! 182 more words

Around The House

Me and my buddy the plumber

Dustin and I got to spend the last weekend of May on a short, whirlwind trip to Yellowstone, our last-ditch effort at relaxing before summer B&B season kicks into full swing. 587 more words


Recreation centre for two boys who met on 4chan

“I’m a big fan of black girls.”

Darren and Klaus had several employees hogtied in the basement area of Best Buy New London, CT. Patricia Stalward had the day off so she was the only one of three part timers and two full timers not in. 1,789 more words


Cheap DIY Drain Unblocker

So you know those science experiments where you make an erupting volcano out of baking soda and vinegar in middle school? What if I told you you could do pretty much exactly the same thing to unclog and clean your drain? 219 more words

Home & Garden

New house, some problems

After 3 ½ years, I officially moved out of the frat house last month—which I’m sure I haven’t mentioned.  It was something I’d been considering for a while and finally committed, sadly confessing my betrayal to the boys the day before I signed my new lease, swayed by promise of my own bathroom and a dishwasher.  844 more words