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Light-mantled Sooty Albatrosses (Phoebetria palpebrata) exercise aerobatics over waves in Drake Passage. Shooting in such conditions from the stern of the moving vessel with 600mm lens is an aerobatics on its own. 79 more words


The Naked Science

People think that photographers start from the bottom and work their way up. If that statement is true, then I started with wildlife photography and worked my way up to semi-nudes. 301 more words

My Life

Standing Slanted

Woke up sideways. The Drake has nothing on peeking around the islands at midnight in enormous swells and 70kt gusts. Papers are flying off the tables and we were back to securing the labs with bungee cords. 321 more words

My Life

Tales from the Field in Antarctica: Post 6

Dr. Valerie Loeb is an adjunct professor at Moss Landing Marine Labs. Currently, she functions as an independent Antarctic ecosystem research scientist collaborating with Jarrod Santora of UC Santa Cruz. 693 more words

Research: Fresh From The Field

Ven in Antarctica

“Antarctica, Antarctica, it’s cold and full of ice. Antarctica, Antarctica, you’ll freeze your balls off!”

This was the anthem invented by a crazy bunch of travellers with whom I bonded over the course of the 10-day expedition to the coldest and most isolated continent on the planet. 1,851 more words


In Rough Seas: if you can say it you can sing it 

The Elephant Island transects have proven to be the most challenging. We are back in the Drake Passage, dealing with heavy seas and poor weather. It’s exactly what I pictured when I imagined fieldwork in Antarctic. 222 more words

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Sciencing in the Antarctic 

It’s my first official shift and I’m already sciencing! I got to launch XBTs (expendable something temperature) and drifters off the side of the boat. It was AWESOME. 322 more words

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