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65.1667° S, not quite the South Pole but close enough

It’s a long way from the nearest continent, 2 days under full steam of a modern vessel to be precise.  I knew I was in for quite a journey but not a return 1500 nautical miles of sheer terror from Cape Horn (where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans collide) to the Antarctic Peninsula. 1,737 more words

Tidbits From Gourmet Bec

Save the Albatross

Like I said before, I’m a great fan of albatrosses. However, most albatrosses are on the IUCN red list. Out of the 22 species, 15 are categorised as vulnerable or worse and 3 of them are critically endangered. 384 more words


Young ones

One of the highlights of my past Antarctic season were the albatrosses behind the ship and especially the Wandering and Royals with their wingspan of around 3.5 meters… For these big albatrosses it takes several years before they reach their adult plumage. 86 more words


The most beautiful albatross?

Naming the most beautiful of something is always difficult as taste is very personal. However, with albatrosses, most votes go to the Light-mantled Albatross. With the subtle lines on the beak and around the eye and their darker and lighter coloured brown plumage they are quite stunning indeed. 76 more words


Antarctica, Part II (featuring nudity and tears)

Days aboard the Sea Explorer fell into a natural rhythm that went like this…

Awake each morning, in a gently-swaying cabin, layers of thermals strewn around the floor, to the mellifluous tones of Hannah’s voice over the speakers. 1,183 more words


Antarctica, the number one place you need to go before you die, Part I

Antarctica. The only place left on the planet reserved, under an international treaty, for science and exploration only. A utopia of sorts.

And, after 28 years of travel, hands down the location of my all-time favourite trip ever. 1,109 more words



One of the differences between guiding in Antarctica and on Spitsbergen is the presence of the Drake Passage. While you fly to Spitsbergen, board the ship and are ready to go ashore the next morning, you have to spent at least two days on the ship though the Drake Passage before you reach Antarctica. 118 more words