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Antarctica...that's a wrap

The final couple days on the trip to Antarctica were spend going back over the Drake Passage. We barely knew that’s where the ship was because the water was so calm, making it ‘Drake Lake.’ During this time we did lots of recap of the trip with our guides  and prepared to unfortunately finish the voyage. 235 more words

Remembering Edward Bransfield

I knew nothing about Edward Bransfield when I boarded the Island Sky in Ushuaia, Argentina.


I knew that Antarctica was inhospitable to human life. I had heard of Shackleton. 876 more words

Day 25 February 16th

Day 25

Friday, February 16th

Crossing the Drake Passage: Day 2

After breakfast this morning, we were given a bonus!  We made good time through the Drake Passage so the Captain got permission from the keeper at the Chilean station to do a ship cruise of the area and so we sailed around Cape Horn!  383 more words

Day 24 February 15th

Day 24th

Thursday, February 15th

Crossing the Drake Passage: Day 1

Today we are in the middle of crossing the Drake Passage.  It is a little over 600 miles wide from South America’s Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. 1,787 more words

How To: Survive (and thrive) on the Drake Passage

Crossing the Drake.

For the vast majority of intrepid travellers venturing to Antarctica, crossing the infamous Drake is a but a necessary evil. Sure, there are fly-cruise-fly options that’d allow you to bypass this unforgivable stretch of sea, but unless you have oodles and oodles of money to burn, it is unlikely that this will be an achievable option. 850 more words


The Crossing

The Crossing is a right of passage. It is the E-ticket you purchase to enter the waters of Antarctica. It is preceded by the gentle waters of the Beagle Chanel. 220 more words

The Last Continent

The Port of Ushuaia, the southernmost city on our planet, wears a busy look today, hosting no less than five ocean-worthy vessels on this glorious afternoon. 2,642 more words