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Expedition Cruising Antarctica - Part One – The Beginning

Ushuaia at the Southern tip of Argentina is the departure point for expedition cruises heading to Antarctica from South America.  After spending a few days in Buenos Aires the temperature change of around 20 degrees Celsius is definitely noticeable.  528 more words


15th March 2016: The Drake times

There has been much talk about bracing ourselves for the Drake. Now I see why! It is like the feeling of being on an adventure park ride- the Colombus, except, this is an actual Ship causing timely vertigo every time it rolls from one side to another. 1,043 more words


The Drake time in Photos

You’ll see these two idiots in just about all my pics; no i’m not referring to Vyshali <3

Ocean Endevor

The best quote on Whales. … 44 more words


One of the longest poems in English literature is said to be The rhyme of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I remember this dreaded poem from our tenth class textbooks and the one distinct long-answer-question about the Albatross.

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16th March: Iceberg ahead!

I saw my first Iceberg today. Rather WE saw our first Iceberg today! We were all in a session on ‘Whales’ in the Nautilus lounge, when Isabelle shouted: “ICEBERG!”. 571 more words


23rd March: The Dreaded Drake Northbound

Last night the drake struck again and this time, it was definitely higher than a 2! My friend Arjun left the dinner table feeling sick and I didn’t see him for over 24 hours. 539 more words

Expiriencing Antarctica