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THE SAXOPHONIST Brooklyn Arts Lecture Series Event

We are very happy to announce another exciting public screening of THE SAXOPHONIST! On Wednesday, May 9th, the film will screen at the Brooklyn High School of the Arts as part of the Brooklyn Arts Lecture Series. 73 more words

AJ Epyx

"Jazz Monthly Feature Interview" on THE SAXOPHONIST

Just released this weekend is the brand new featured interview with writer/director Andre´ Joseph in JAZZ MONTHLY about The Saxophonist! We go in depth about the genesis of the film, the technical end of the production, musical inspirations, and so much more. 8 more words

AJ Epyx

Flash Movie Review: Chappaquiddick

IT IS SAFE TO SAY the majority of us has experienced the feeling of shock. Hopefully it was the type of shock that surprises or dumbfounds you; you know, like seeing a driver do something ignorant and illegal or seeing a parent pouring a soft drink into a baby bottle to feed their child. 597 more words


Flash Movie Review: Paul, Apostle of Christ

I HAD THE GOOD FORTUNE TO experience a different religious service from mine, during one of the holidays. Entering into the cavernous building, I was immediately taken by the decorations that were hanging down every column and window. 565 more words


The Ramrodders (Holman Day, 1910)

“Duke” Thelismer Thornton is a long-serving Republican state representative from Fort Canibas. The book carefully avoids ever mentioning the state, but it’s plainly Maine. It references several real towns and prominent political figures of the past like James Blaine, and it’s about the controversial “Maine law” — i.e., prohibition of alcohol, which Maine passed several years before it became a national platform. 324 more words


Drama review: TVB 'Apple-colada'

(This original poster is so not representative of this drama 😂)

TVB has been a bit hit and miss at the moment, which is kind of a good thing since there are a few decent dramas out there to watch in comparison to the constant bad streak. 253 more words


Wolves ready to break a leg!!

It’s time to get savage.

The Coupeville High School Wolf Pac Theater Troupe returns to the stage next weekend with three performances of The Curious Savage, a comedy about the battle over a ten million dollar inheritance. 1,134 more words

CHS Wolves