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イン・ザ・ヒーロー : In The Hero (Unsung Hero)

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Pour tout fan de tokusatsu, de super héro ou de films de combats, ce film est hautement intéressant !! 703 more words

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Recently: “Triple Dog”

There’s a reason some films are sent direct-to-DVD. Too bad the people who decide this don’t think that it’s a film that shouldn’t be made or shown to anyone. 567 more words


Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

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超熱い!Cette série s’annonce super passionnée et passionnante o(^▽^)o Il faut dire qu’avec le scénariste de l’excellent… 147 more words

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Review: Queen and Country, 2015, dir. John Boorman

“You don’t need to watch John Boorman’s 1987 comedy drama Hope and Glory to vibe with its sequel, the decades-in-the-making Queen and Country. That’s probably the greatest feat Boorman pulls off with this follow-up to his unassuming Oscar nominee: walk into the film blind, and short of feeling like you’re up the Thames without a punt during its introductory scene, you’ll walk away grasping Boorman’s bigger picture. 60 more words

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TV Review: Agent Carter, 1.06, "A Sin to Err"

“Agent Carter has been building to “A Sin to Err” all season long; it’s the moment where the walls have Peggy corralled. She’s pretty much on her own and without a single person, other than Jarvis, to call “friend,” though that more or less sums up her dynamic over the course of the show. 78 more words


Naiveté is Dakila: the romantic dramedies of Jadaone

Antoinette Jadaone is on the crusade of deciphering love—the great mystery she synonymizes to “katanangahan” or naivety, so indulgently she chews in and spits out, and with which she ultimately wins the collective heart of the… 886 more words

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Before Midnight ('13, US, Richard Linklater)


Time is a consistent fascination for Richard Linklater. Friend or foe, time in his films is always depicted for being the most humanizing aspect of life—which it is. 615 more words

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