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Review: Angels Wear White, 2017, dir. Vivian Qu

We turn to movies, more often than not, for escape and distraction, for the promise of having our woes assuaged, if only for a couple of hours, in the calming glow of the silver screen (whether in large or small formats). 142 more words


Hell or High Water

Overall Rating: 5/5

August 12, 2016
Dir. David Mackenzie
Rated R (for some strong violence, language throughout and brief sexuality)

I cannot give this film enough praise.  217 more words

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La La Land

Overall Rating: 5/5

December 9, 2016
Dir. Damien Chazelle
Rated PG-13 (for some language)

La La Land, which almost accidentally won the Oscar for Best Picture this year, is a visual feast best appreciated for its artistry. 193 more words

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Overall Rating: 5/5

November 25, 2016
Dir. Garth Davis
PG-13 (for thematic material and some sensuality)

I don’t even know where to begin with this review because I was floored by my first viewing of this film. 157 more words

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A Man Called Ove

Overall Rating: 4/5

August 26, 2016
Dir. Hannes Holm
Rated PG-13 (for thematic content, some disturbing images, and language)

A Man Called Ove manages to balance tragedy and comedy very well. 135 more words

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