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At First Glance: “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

When one story about a young girl with cancer finds success, why not have another? All you have to do is cast the right people, find the right source material and make sure it has a similar, if not more so, charming element. 592 more words


At First Glance: "Ricki and the Flash"

Some films, at first, seem hard to imagine, even though you know who all is involved in them. Then, at long last, comes a trailer, which tells you so much more (as it should) than a mere publicity still does. 829 more words


Recently: “The Last Five Years”

With as many musical films, be they original or adaptations, being made each year, there’s bound to be a few not so perfect ones. One can’t really prevent it, but it would be nice to know beforehand that a particular film might not actually be worth it, no matter how popular it is on stage (or was), or leading into a theatrical release. 1,358 more words


On Second Thought: “Selena” A 20th Anniversary Special

Film, for better or for worse, is great at being able to pull back a curtain on the lives of well known people, be they dead or alive. 1,910 more words


Review: Woman in Gold, 2015, dir. Simon Curtis

“Can a single great performance elevate an otherwise middle-of-the-road movie? Judging by the recent big-screen efforts of Simon Curtis: absolutely. The British filmmaker made waves in 2011 with My Week With Marilyn, a movie held aloft by a tremendous turn from the luminous Michelle Williams, who spends the picture making everyone look better both in front of and behind the camera just by gracing the frame with her presence. 52 more words