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10 Years: “Syriana”

Some films, no matter how much good stuff you’ve heard, deserve to never be seen. If you see them, and ultimately hate them, then it’s all on you. 775 more words


10 Years: “Pride & Prejudice (2005)”

Film’s based on classic novels have high expectations. When they’ve been done before, sometimes more than once, there’s even more riding on the final film. People want to know how the new version offers anything new, makes it worth their time, and worth having been made at all. 1,838 more words


Recently: “Truth”

Films about journalism are seldom ever about a positive moment in history. Most are about some scandal that shook the journalism world in some way. These films about scandal, are usually about just that, and nothing more. 2,795 more words


10 Years: “Jarhead”

Some films just don’t hold up the way they used to. Of course, these films can only do so if they were actually at that level to begin with. 917 more words


Review: Spotlight, 2015, dir. Tom McCarthy

“Bostonians tend toward insularity that often comes off like rudeness. In truth, that stereotypical coarseness is a blend of honesty and austerity: They favor candor over sensitivity, and act like total introverts in the interest of honoring their neighbors’ privacy. 87 more words


Recently: “Steve Jobs”

Films that are about iconic figures in history, especially if they gave so much to the world, have built in expectations. Even when we know that some bits of the subjects life will be dramatized, we still expect to see and learn so much about them, that at the end of it all, we come away knowing a very different person than we once did. 2,679 more words


Another First Glance: “Joy”

When you’ve had a string of hits, with several of the same people, you’d better believe how much pressure is on you to deliver once again. 946 more words