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The Miss Call

At the hour’s hand hits 12, sun reaches at the top. And within no seconds, the bell rings. The mobile phone kept by the side of the fish tank on the table emits a light and sound show for the two little fishes residing there. 487 more words

A Life without Love

Its been years that I had been out
And in these years I couldn’t figure..what life is all about?
I see people confused and in dismay… 162 more words

My Parents Were Happy

When I wanted to enjoy late night
I was stopped because of my security
But my parents were happy
And I felt it didn’t matter. 231 more words

The Regret Bed

“Wasn’t it your dream to be a doctor and serve the people”, inquired Priya.
Manisha sat quiet. She didn’t react. It seemed she was numb. Since, they were in the hospital Priya kept her voice down and restricted herself from creating a public scene. 1,294 more words

Free Man

There hasn’t been a day in my life when the thought of running away not excites me. Even after my first kiss, I wasn’t up to this level. 423 more words

The Perfect Girl (real incident)

Today i saw the girl..the perfect one indeed. Dark blue T-shirt, open pink checked shirt, a small brown leat purse to carry her belongings, skin fit light blue jeans precisely showing every curve of her body and the best part..her ornaments..those two little things in her ears..i don’t know what they are called..but whatever they were..totally went with her brown eyes and white skin. 571 more words

Love Was Within Me

Each person i met..told me this
Love can only bring bliss
Hearing this I got a new mission
Finding Love was my only ambition
But the biggest hurdle was still there… 197 more words