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The world within!

What is a fad now, will fade after the moon
Who is close today, will leave soon
Attachment of any sorts is futile in every aspect… 124 more words

With brave wings, she flies!

She was born to fly
But not her folks knew
Maybe no one knew about her
Nor she was aware about herself
Her journey began that day… 183 more words

The reason is You..

Little things one does
Makes him stand out
For me, it was just your presence
Yep, that’s all our relation was all about.

I had not been as lively as now I am… 78 more words

The one I can't have..

We met like storms meet
Mingled into one another homogeneously
Like sugar to water
Oxygen to air
Me into you
And you into me, harmoniously. 116 more words

We are strangers, my friend!

I had read about it somewhere
They called it The Circle of Life
Like the thing that started once
Must end the same way it all began. 155 more words

I have forgotten You!

Till now, it felt as it was the thing that happened just yesterday
I precisely remembered the moment when I saw you standing at the doorway… 128 more words


Last night, a friend of mine and I opted to watch the on-going movie Trapped, directed by Vikramaditya Motwane.

It wasn’t that we weren’t expecting it to be dramatic and all, but we knew by the Director’s legacy, it sure would be involving as hell. 1,184 more words