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Darkly Dreaming Dexter

We turned up super late to the party the day we started watching Dexter on Netflix, 10 years late in fact. Better late than never as they say, and I’m so glad we did because while the rest of the world doesn’t seem to be able to stop talking about Game Of Thrones, we’re currently riding the epic wave that is the Dexter Season 4 finale. 341 more words


#22: Lord, if you're out there, please give me strength

It is almost the end of my mid-semester break and, in all honesty, I feel like I’ve barely had any chance to relax at all. 1,275 more words

The Keeping Room

2015      R   1:35  Drafthouse films  Sam Worthington

well there’s really not much for me to say and not much of a plot to it either. 155 more words


My top 10 favourite kdrama.

As someone who has watched Korean dramas from a young age, I have grown to love certain dramas that really stood out amongst the rest. I compiled a list of my favourite dramas and I highly recommend all of them. 2,495 more words


Cheese in the Trap OST Part 6

치즈인더트랩 O.S.T Part.6
disc 1
01     조금만 더 스웨덴세탁소
02     사랑인가 봐요 Monkeyz
03     장화 속 무당벌레 Tearliner
04     밤의 편의점 Tearliner

The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 OST

장사의 신-객주 2015 O.S.T
disc 1
01     그대만 살아서 (Only You) Luna
02     단 한 사람 (Because of You) 태일 (Taeil)
03     장사의 신 (The master of Trade) 이필호;박종미 54 more words

Signal O.S.T

시그널 O.S.T
disc 1
01     나는 너를 정차식     29545
02     회상 장범준
03     떠나야 할 그 사람 잉키
04     길 MV    김윤아
05     행복한 사람 (Band ver.) 조동희 7 more words