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Dracula (1931)

You really need to see this film. Consider it an essential part of your cinematic education.

Dracula is one of those films that influenced an immeasurable amount of films after it, like  242 more words

First Time Viewing

too little... too late

I cannot count how many times So walked away from Soo in this episode. Soo makes a difficult decision, one which would cause heartbreak and tears all around. 3,083 more words


legend of the blue sea releases 2nd teaser

Thanks to the reader who informed me that the second teaser is out – and I totally agree this is My Sassy Girl-meets-Goo Jun Pyo. Lee Min Ho’s conman warns Jeon Ji Hyun’s mermaid that he isn’t the kind to go easy on a lady…but ends up flying across the room at her powerful kick. 49 more words


lee min ho takes on the law

First look at Lee Min Ho as a prosecutor in Legend of the Blue Sea… the epitome of rumpled sexiness. I believe he is a conman in modern time so I’m not sure whether this is pre-scam or post-scam life. 32 more words


couple interrupted...

For those who missed the super long SBS version of the royal “bed” scene, I’m posting it here. The international version was ruthlessly shortened to accommodate the beginning part of the episode where it is revealed that Yo’s hallucinations was actually the work of So, Baek Ah and their merry men. 49 more words


weightlifting fairy kim bok joo drops 1st teaser

Awwwwwww…Nam Joo Hyuk. Love him to bits. There’s a nice breezy, energetic vibe to the drama and I hope it remains the same way throughout. I’m not sure whether the OTP has romantic chemistry yet but because the two know each other pretty well in real life, there is an easy, comfy camaraderie between them. 15 more words


romantic doctor teacher kim drops 2nd teaser

This is looking really promising. The OTP have a back story to their romance, which of course consists of heartbreak and tears. I’m loving what I see of Seo Hyun Jin since this role is a little more serious and substantial than her previous ones – and she seems to be pulling it off just fine. 20 more words