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Patch Adams

Patch Adams (1998) Directed by Tom Shadyac Based on the book Gesundheit: Good Health Is a Laughing Matter 603 more words

review: Super Daddy Yeol Episode 5

Have been soooo busy thus the late reviews for this drama. Super Daddy Yeol continues to roll on with copious amounts of comic effects, mild bawdy references and fantasy sequences. 701 more words


geng xin the gallant

I’m not sure whether this is just another angle of  the previous shot of Lin Geng Xin shading Yoona with his script but I have a feeling he does it very often. 99 more words


Angry Mum: Teachers

Since Angry is set in a high school most times, there’s plenty of teachers. But then again, how effective are they really? In fact, I think Angry is strongly hinting that our educators are not doing their jobs.  758 more words


Heard it Through the Grapevine - Week 5

In Sang and Bommie have gradually found their footings in the Han household, and are generally mixing well with all the employees. I particularly like the scene where everyone except Daddy and Mama Han, are happily stuffing themselves with the red bean cakes from Bommie’s mother, which are meant for Jin Young’s 100th day. 758 more words


hwajung releases second teaser

Why does Queen Seondeok come to mind when I see Lee Yeon Hee cross-dressing as a boy? Hwajung dropped its second teaser and we glimpse Cha Seung Won as king while Lee Yeon Hee a.k.a his half-sister Princess Jungmyung is living life outside the palace as an unruly commoner. 53 more words