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When I first heard of this drama, I was rather confused. I thought it’d be about girls wandering around LKF after work which seems more fitting for 亞洲台 than TVB. 515 more words


Drama Review - Punch (SBS, 2014)

And we’re finally at the end of Show, does anyone feel they’ve been punched? By the darkness of human nature that is. Real life friends keep telling me Show is too dark for their liking, though they do acknowledge that Show really did seem good (they be loyal Dramabeans readers), which is some kind of consolation I suppose, me being a fan of Show. 1,204 more words


get ready for hwajung...

Spot any familiar faces? I’m soooo looking forward to Hwajung, MBC’s upcoming sageuk that takes yet another turn on the story of King Gwang Hae. 127 more words


review: Spy Episode 13

Ya know, I thought Spy would be all about Mom being ultra badass and using all sorts of vintage espionage tactics to bring down the baddies. 883 more words


Hooked on Korean Dramas

Honestly, I try to get all my girlfriends to watch Korean Dramas. It’s harder than it seems and I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why that is. 518 more words

Binge Watching

Birth of a Beauty (2014)

What Was It About?
A housewife’s (Sara/Sa Geum Ran) husband cheats on her and then tries to murder her. However, she survives without him knowing and somehow she makes it to a rich guy’s (Han Tae Hee) house. 436 more words


TV Moments That Moved Me to Tears: 'REVENGE'

Dramatic television series can inspire, motivate, educate, and empower. However, they also have the ability to reach us on an emotional level. They do so by creating characters we enjoy watching, and rooting for, only to take them on journeys that make us reflect on our own lives and choices. 283 more words