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First Impression: Voice 2

While there’s no more Jang Hyuk, there’s still another hottie to root for — Lee Jin-wook. :)

Main cast:


shrill if you like me

Kim So Hyun and Ahn Hyo Sub are in talks to star in a new webtoon-adapted drama, Love Alarm. It does have a cute, millenial storyline that I think would work well if the two actors accept their respective offers. 122 more words



I’ve been binge watching dramas lately and I am annoyed about it. They tend to have a typical storyline that can be summed up in 3-4 episodes max. 406 more words


Final Review: About Time

In short, the narrative of Time can be summarised into: Michaela the clock watcher, and Michaela spends her time running away. Which is literally what happens from ep10 onwards, once Micha (as she is fondly called in Time) discovers that her time hasn’t “stop” when she meets Do-ha. 408 more words


"The Meg" Movie Review

So, Jason Statham is taking on a gigantic shark all by himself, while his pals join in on the action with a number of cheesy quips. 1,046 more words


"Lawrence of Arabia" Movie Review

The day that the casual viewer is able to make it all the way through Lawrence of Arabia with little to no guidance is the day that they truly fall in love with this medium. 1,162 more words


First Impression: Witch's Love

A little bit iffy about this one…but will try for the first few eps.

Main cast:

  • Yoon So-hee (from Let’s Eat 1) as Kang Cho-hong…
  • 464 more words