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fallin' into him

Yoon Si Yoon catches Jin Se Yeon in the first couple stills for Grand Prince. I’m expecting that she falls in love with both princes at different points in her life, but the question is, “Who first?” I’m totally fine with a female lead falling in love with two men for different reasons at different times – if the reasons are reasonable, rational and believable. 40 more words


"The Hurt Locker" Movie Review

One of the most common adages of modern writing or storytelling is that “War is Hell.” This movie takes that concept and inverts it into something completely different and unexpected. 995 more words


Hi Flower Ep 12 Eng subbed

For Ru Hua, perhaps one of the good things about getting kicked off the project team is running into Bei Che, Wen Chu’s stepbrother. He’s supportive in her work, gives her odd jobs that pay well and treats her kindly despite Wen Chu’s rudeness to him. 76 more words

Chinese Drama

royal rivalry in 4th teaser for grand prince

I gotta admit Yoon Si Yoon is progressively reeling me in as he shrugs off his sweet boyishness for his role in TVChosun’s Grand Prince. I never thought he would suit a princely/warrior character but I genuinely like the more rugged, manly side he is displaying in the teasers. 62 more words


preview: misty episode 7

Revenge is sweet for Eun Joo as she finds ways to sow seeds of distrust between Hye Ran and Tae Wook. Admittedly, it isn’t a difficult feat since the couple have been estranged for years and only recently resurrected their feelings for each other. 34 more words


PHANTOM THREAD (2017) - Meticulous Period Piece Romance Tells Unusual Love Story

PHANTOM THREAD (2017) puts an exclamation point on the idea that you have to work hard to make a relationship last.

Make that two exclamation points. 1,052 more words