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One More Happy Ending: Of 4 women and their Beaus

Happy isn’t the conventional rom-com in the sense that there’s no “perfect” man or woman in the show. Everyone has seriously big flaws, and if you are the conventional type, the couples in the show aren’t exactly first-timers in the game of Love — or Marriage. 1,195 more words


Down the rabbithole and into the world of Kdramas

I’ve been watching Korean dramas lately and I swear it is a very unhealthy habit of mine to watch them instead of studying. I always liked Kdramas and the first one that I watched was You’re Beautiful with Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye. 187 more words


character stills for come back, ajusshi

I’m never keen on body-swapping/spirit-switching dramas so that’s why I haven’t been posting stuff about the upcoming Goodbye, Ajusshi. But it does star Rain so I’ll definitely sneak a few peeks along the way. 76 more words


Not A Review Of "Gotham"

So not long ago, I discovered that the first season of “Gotham” is on Netflix.¬† I discovered this because, unsurprisingly, Netflix put it on my “Recommended” list. 200 more words


I Have a Lover - 3/4-times Comments

This is super overdue, but hey, actually not much transpired in the past 12 episodes or so. Some more (age old) secrets get revealed, some relationships mend (okay, one relationship only), more noble idiocy onboard. 510 more words


Madame Antoine: Weecaps (eps3-4)

Antoine¬†is shaping up into a good rom-com, and our male lead is finally starting to fall into the trap he sets himself…


Back at the restaurant, Hye-rim confronts Soo-hyun on what he is up to. 895 more words


Remember: Son's War - Week 8

Firstly, a happy Lunar New Year from sab and I to all who celebrates it, and I hope I can make use of the holidays to blog some of my backlogs! 452 more words