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joseon man gets an eyeful

Live Up To Your Name is churning out the right kind of promo material to reel me in. The latest teaser sees Kim Ah Joong receive a text message about a new nightclub opening and immediately swaps out her white coat for a see-through cropped top. 94 more words


Drama Review: Cambrian Period

Cambrian Period

Episodes: 24

Zhan Shi Li (Han Chin) is known to be of great influence, owning several businesses and casinos. He adopts sons and raise them into a gang to do the dirty work for him. 1,272 more words

Choi Gang-Hee & Kwon Sang-Woo cast in KBS2 drama series “Queen of Mystery 2”

Choi Gang-Hee & Kwon Sang-Woo are cast in KBS2 drama series “Queen of Mystery 2.” The duo starred earlier this year in “Queen of Mystery” and they will reprise their respective roles in “Queen of Mystery 2.” Screenwriter Lee Sung-Min will also return to handle the screenplay. 13 more words

Kwon Sang Woo

Final Review: Lookout

sab: On the whole, I enjoyed the pace of Lookout’s narrative, even with its obvious slowing down in the trial of Chief Prosecutor Yoon. Mainly it’s Lookout’s plot twists that make the show engaging, plus a stellar performance by Kim Young-kwang as Leader and of cos, Lee Shi-young’s action moves. 780 more words


manhole shakes hips for 1st teaser

Hahaha. The cast of KBS’ upcoming Manhole dancing on the streets in their PJs for the first teaser is going viral, I’m sure. I think Jae Joong’s completely ambivalent expression, paired with the baby pink silk set and indulgent billowing robe, is the funniest. 183 more words


preview: bride of the water god 2017 episode 7

So now So Ah is his woman, huh? No longer his servant or his person, but his woman. Ha Baek warns Hoo Ye to stay away from So Ah, while it seems as though Mura is pledging her loyalty to Ha Baek – or seeking his forgiveness earnestly…probably both. 102 more words


preview: the king loves episodes 5-6

The previews show glimpses of the maypole dance scene where Wang Rin helps Eun San escape Wang Won’s scrutiny. Despite their attempts to disguise themselves, I believe Eun San will find out soon enough her new buddies are of royal blood, with one the crown prince at that. 214 more words