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irrevocably reeled in... from five to nine

SO GOOD. I marathon-ed Episode 2 to 6 of From Five To Nine and I think I have found my crack drama of 2015. It is far from perfect and since it is based on a manga, it is peppered with incredulous, slapstick moments…but still SO DARNED GOOD. 866 more words


from five to nine... my latest addiction

I’ve watched the first episode of Japanese romance drama, From Five To Nine, and I can undoubtedly declare it’s the best debut episode I’ve even seen this year in any drama. 974 more words


The Village: Secret of Achiara – Guess the Secret #4

I think Show has done a good job in playing out the clues and hints it has been dropping throughout so far, because for once the viewers are connecting the dots along with most of the characters, instead of us feeling frustrated knowing something but the characters are still bumping along. 268 more words


Imaginary Cat: First Impression

I wonder where’s the make-believe cat in the Imaginary Cat. Oh well, maybe it may strut in later.

Main cast:


SPOTLIGHT (2015) Shines Light on Dark Story

Movie Review:  SPOTLIGHT (2015)


Michael Arruda


SPOTLIGHT (2015) has an ugly story to tell.

And it doesn’t shy away from telling it.

SPOTLIGHT (2015) takes a hard and honest look at the scandal in the Catholic Church involving abusive priests and shows how reporters at The Boston Globe broke the story in 2001.  1,382 more words

East of Eden -- Steppenwolf Theater (11/13/15)

Frank Galati’s adaptation of John Steinbeck’s East of Eden is a four-character affair.  Yes, the play includes six additional actors performing 10 additional roles, but the spotlight stays focused on the dysfunctional Trask family and their biblical fall from grace. 515 more words


Reply 1988: Of Mothers and Husbands

Last week’s eps5/6 are tear jerking one moment and full of surprises the next.

Unlike previous Reply, I find 1988 rather…noisy. Verified by my hubby, who complained once that all he heard was “shouting and screaming” on my iPhone screen. 711 more words