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"Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi" Movie Review

As of this entry, all entries from the original Star Wars trilogy (the ones that matter) have been reviewed. In hoping that Disney will continue to recapture such memories, I get into spoiler territory with a movie that apparently a lot of fans hate. 992 more words


Chicago Typewriter: The Weirdest Love Triangle

I don’t think you can term a romance between 2 humans and 1 ghost “normal” in any sense. Especially when Seol (until only very recently in ep12) can’t even see Yul (or Jin-oh). 563 more words


surgeons: final thoughts

Quick synopsis: Surgeons follows (shockingly) surgeons as they dealt with struggles in their personal lives and within the hospital.

A story of growth:

Lu Chen Xi, arguably the main character despite the plot description, grew from being solely concerned with successfully and efficiently treating patients to having a more human side that allowed her to discuss and collaborate with others.

348 more words

Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo in drama version of super popular film 'My Sassy Girl'

I think the first thing I heard about K-entertainment was the movie My Sassy Girl. It was super popular (still is) and many of my non-kdrama-lover friends have at least heard about it. 301 more words


lee jun ki is sharp for criminal minds

Ok. He is looking pretty gorgeous and cool in all that bad-ass black, weaponry and cap. I went Jun Ki Hunting and found a deluge of pics from his latest drama. 43 more words