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Heard it Through the Grapevine - Week 12

It’s inevitable that we have to come to this point, but this week marks the beginning of then end (hopefully), as we head for the forced separation of Bommie and In Sang, fueled by his parents. 529 more words


New On The Shelf - Nightcrawler

When I heard that there was going to be new movie in theaters called Nightcrawler, I got extremely excited. After all, what’s not to love about everyone’s favorite blue-furred, elf-eared, demon-tailed teleporting X-Man? 739 more words


Angry Mum: Why Giants fall

The upside of being on holiday is I can get to catch up on shows, among other things, like enjoying myself silly. (yeah, go on, be jealous) I’ve shelved… 799 more words


"Wolfenstein: The New Order" Game Review

Just one more game to go after this review. This first-person shooter was released on May 20th, 2014, becoming an instant critical and commercial success. After the 2009 Wolfenstein was a large disappointment to fans, Bethesda and Id Software change the story to flat-out alternate history. 370 more words


Masked Prosecutor - First Impression

The first episode is not what I had expected: a backstory of our hero and heroine, beginning from the teens. Yes, most of Episode 1 is filled with the young counterparts, … 638 more words


Albert Nobbs (2011) (Available on Netflix)


Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) is not at all what he appears to be. In fact Albert Nobbs is not a man at all. During the late 19th century women aren’t encourage to be independent. 520 more words


Drama:《花千骨》 The Journey of Flower

It seems that the drama gods are looking favourably upon us. Chinese drama “The Journey of Flower” has been confirmed for broadcast on June 9th on Hunan TV! 34 more words