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I Can Hear Your Voice [Drama]

I was in Korea when I saw this drama on SBS. And I thought the plot sounds good so I decided to watch it after my trip.   142 more words


Oh Yeon Seo-Just Friends[Movie]

Oh Yeon Seo plays the role of singer Eun Ji in this 2012 indie film, Just Friends.

(14 more pics) 16 more words


Oh Yeon Seo+ CN Blue's Min Hyuk

I really love this couple!!! Oh Yeon Seo & Min Hyuk in the drama “You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly”!! They are too adorable but I’m not satisfied that they don’t have a lot of interaction as much as I would like them to. 386 more words


Lee Min Jung-Big[Drama]

Photos of actress Lee Min Jung for her latest KBS drama Big. Big is a decent drama so far although I root for Lee Min Jung & Shin’s character for each other instead of Gong Yoo’s character. 35 more words


Queen In Hyun's Man [Drama]

I have to thank God for it’s my holidays. Been watching so many dramas now. And this is my latest craze. Queen In Hyun’s Man. It’s even better than King 2 Hearts which I have been watching till episode 18. 115 more words


The King 2 Hearts [Drama]

I LOVE THIS DRAMA!! Love the casts, storyline…everything!! The best part is Ha Ji Won’s character. I was just getting sick and tired of the female lead being portrayed as weak and a damsel-in-distress but the female lead in this drama is simply awesome. 123 more words


Moon Geun Young's Cute Pics

*Warning: Cute pics of our angel Moon Geun Young taken from her 2010 drama Cinderella Sister. She can still be so cheerful and bubbly on set despite playing a serious and uptight character:)

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Moon Geun Young