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The Latest Dramaturgical Adventures

This semester, I’m pulling double duty as the production dramaturg for The Threepenny Opera and as one of four dramaturgs for Invisible Cities (being put on in conjunction with international theatre group… 681 more words

In-Yer-Face at the Comparative Drama Conference

In-Yer-Face Theatre: Two Decades Later

Panel at the Comparative Drama Conference, March 31-April 2, 2016

Baltimore, MD

By the time 1995 gave way to 1996, it was clear that something groundbreaking was afoot in the British theatre. 293 more words


Lost in Translation?

“Let’s translate Shakespeare into modern English.” Does this sentence make you clutch at your pearls or jump up and down in excitement? When a Wall Street Journal article mentioned that my beloved Oregon Shakespeare Festival was doing a Shakespeare translation project, the collective Shakespearean internet freaked out, some with the pearl-clutching and some with the jumping (mostly the pearl-clutching). 560 more words


From the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism:
According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., women who have developed alcoholism have death rates nearly 75% higher than those of male alcoholics. 74 more words

Writers: Retire These Clichés (Version: LADYPARTS)

I know, I know: I write about overused tropes often. (Who said irony is dead?) Maybe one day I’ll compile them all into a self-published e-screed entitled “Melissa Reads Too Many Plays,” but for now, the blog will have to do. 1,217 more words


BCWJ Article - Creativity Through Planned Reflection

Please note: I am continuing my practice as a freelance dramaturg with Hamilton Dramaturgy. The office is still open! I am still actively pursuing the activities that I have conducted for 24 years – freelance dramaturgy, script development, research, career advising. 449 more words

Anne Hamilton

Mid-America Theatre Conference: Pitching Your Book Symposium

37th Annual Mid-America Theatre Conference

Conference theme: Variety

Hyatt, Minneapolis, MN

March 17–20, 2016

Proposals due: Nov 1, 2015

MATC is pleased to offer a workshop at the 2016 conference for scholars and practitioners developing book proposals in the areas of theatre history, performance, pedagogy, theory, and/or practice. 297 more words