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How to Recognize Opportunities

I’m a big fan of Abraham-Hicks quotes of the day http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/lawofattractionquotes.php, and of the basic principle behind them– which is that we need to pay attention to what we want, and to allow that to manifest in our lives. 752 more words



Mute Comp. Physical Theatre, Dansehallerne d. 17.-28. marts 2015.

I MOST TRUTHS ARE SO NAKED stiller Mute Comp. Physical Theatre skarpt på det meningssøgende, rodløse menneske, når det lader sig forføre ind i fanatiske fællesskaber, kulter og sekter. 220 more words

On 'There They Carved A Space'

In their performance as part of this years’ Buzzcut Festival, Emilia Weber and Claire Healy deliver a fascinatingly lucid mediation on the concepts of ‘home’, the legacies of architectural modernism and the endangered relics of the welfare state. 717 more words

Let's (re)Write!

In every production of every show directors, cast, and creative crew interact with one another and with the playwright. Though many productions do not have the privilege of collaborating with a living playwright, all creative teams interact with the words and ideas of another human (or set of idea-happy humans). 418 more words


The Lies We Tell About Audience Engagement

TCG is holding a multiyear inquiry about audiences called “Audience (R)evolution.”

The piece I wrote for it is called “The Lies We Tell About Audience Engagement… 72 more words


Why Is Race the Line?

I had an interesting conversation with a theatremaker recently about casting. The discussion centered around multiethnic casting, particularly whether casting actors of different races as members of the same family would make the storytelling in the play unclear. 1,833 more words


Reblog: Introducing... Arden of Faversham

On one hand, we have its didactic appeal in chastising unfaithful wives, cautioning unwary husbands, and promising swift justice against wrongdoers; on the other, we have a cast of delightfully unsavory characters whose bumbling failures make us laugh right up until the moment they kill the comedy and the cuckold with a few sharp blows.

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Early Modern