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Allentown is all about the choices we make as young adults. How do we feel about our pasts and futures? How should we feel? Are preempted quarter life crises the new trend? 942 more words


Braving the blank page - where does inspiration come from?

Day 4 into my writing challenge and I am really wondering why I started this. Which is pretty much what everyone thinks at some point in a writing project. 903 more words


Henry the Third of France (staging)

By Thomas Shipman (June? 1672; pub. 1678)

There are doubts about this play’s provenance. The epilogue refers to the fire that burned down the Bridges Street theatre in January 1672 and forced the King’s Company to move to the recently vacated LIF, but the play was not printed until 1678 (possibly after a revival). 998 more words

Early Restoration Theatre


Samson makes me excited. It is always exciting to see the works of young Australian writers debut in Brisbane. It is even more exciting to see a work set in an out-skirting suburb within rural Queensland. 752 more words


Being not just doing

How, HOW, did it get to be 9.30pm again? Massive props to all you writers who make yourself the time to write. Yes I know I have other jobs as well but then so do a lot of you. 207 more words


Writing, parenting and reasons to be grateful

So it’s got to 9.20pm and I realise I haven’t fulfilled commitment to write something everyday on just the second day. Nearly fell at first hurdle but no, here we are. 452 more words


Oh the Difference A Little Dramaturgy can make!! - Part 1

Dramaturgy is a concept we’ve covered a bit in class, but recent theater experience has really opened my eyes to just how vital it is to the production process. 233 more words