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CHALK: The Medium IS the Message

Hello again adoring fans! Keith Hock here, and I wanted to tell you some more about our critically acclaimed play CHALK, playing now at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. 1,879 more words

The ABCs of Dramaturgy

This past week, I finished reading Dramaturgy in the Making by Katalin Trenscenyi. In a word, it was: delicious. It asked and answered theoretical questions, provided helpful quotes, context, and examples, and helped me re-realize why I love dramaturgy so much. 2,705 more words

Kate Aughterson:‘I will tell you the beginning….’: Dramaturgy and Politics in Shakespeare’s Opening Scenes -podcast (KiSSiT: Shakespearean Thresholds)

In the first plenary of KiSSiT: Shakespearean Thresholds was given by Kate Aughterson with a paper entitled “‘I will tell you the beginning….’: Dramaturgy and Politics in Shakespeare’s Opening Scenes”. 247 more words


Висока награда за пиесата ми "Милост. Да играеш Ан Секстън"

Национална литературна награда “Димитър Димов”, плакет за драматургия за пиесата “Милост. Да играеш Ан Секстън”. Ан и Мартин. Пациент и лекар. Поетеса и учен.

Приех плакета с памет за баща ми д-р Димитър Дечев, студент в един от последните випуски по ветеринарна медицина на проф. Димитър Димов.

Самата пиеса е посветена на Линда Грей Секстън, дъщеря и изпълнителен директор на литературното наследство на носителката на “Пулицър” за поезия Ан Секстън.

Персонажът, спечелил симпатиите на журито, е с прототип проф. Мартин Орне, психиатър, един от създателите на детектора на лъжата.


CHALK: The Judge on stage

Hello again, everyone! I’m glad I caught you today! This is Keith Hock, Production Manager, Technical Director, occasional Dramaturge, and Blogslave for We Happy Few, your favorite DC indie theatre company and  1,636 more words

Federico García Lorca

To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. What good was pride to me—and not seeing you and letting you lie awake night after night? 59 more words


W. B. Yeats

For he would be thinking of love
Till the stars had run away
And the shadows eaten the moon.

—  W. B. Yeats, from “The Young Man’s Song,” … 9 more words