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Slash and Drape

My first project this term for Draping 3 is a slash and drape. Basically, you slash the fabrics and drape pleats. Here’s what I did modeled by my friend, Patrice Domingo.


Tauriel (The Hobbit movies) Cosplay: Part I

The one advantage to being unemployed is that after my morning ritual of applying for every job I remotely qualify for, I can dedicate the rest of my day to sewing. 418 more words


flashback Friday

A big scramble of my first show last season, an opera, these pictures are captured from online and my iPhone as we worked through our huge year last year.

Figure and fabric for Value 

Exciting news!!! For my art class (Core 1 studio) I have to have a blog to keep track of my assignments and their progress. So guess what that means! 101 more words

Core 1


“People are bored. People are mad, Insane and sick. Too busy trying to understand What others are doing…And during the day They pick up where they left off, and they forget to leave their mark In the world while they’re still here.”

r.m. drake


working Wednesday

too fine for twill tape

Just needs two hems and some buttons, hopefully.

snug on the form, but not on the young woman

problems with lace