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I almost did it myself :-)

I left work early today to get that low-beam light changed. I had looked in the handbook how to change the lightbulb but just couldn’t do it as they described. 719 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

This Too Shall Pass

This summer, the lawns and gardens have been very parched and even a bit crispy in spots. Many people, of course, grumbled about it, while others simply pulled out the watering hoses and listened to the sighs of relief from the roots. 67 more words

Our Natural World

Water, Water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink - Part 2

In the first part of this blog, I have already raised a serious issue of water availability on planet earth, along with the possible solution thereof. 581 more words


When Barren Goes Mind

How I’d love to keep them, for keepsake
Or die, to lure them, to my requiem
My thoughts, many a, drunken snake
Forsake me, to then sting, in my dream… 94 more words



​© Chris Sam

When in a glimpse, i am done,
my heartbeat an echo long gone,
and my deeds a memory’s hunt.
I in a peaceful long sleep transformed. 205 more words

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Long Weekend. 

Long weekends in summer are truly the best. Especially if you live in the country.
The dog has woken me up bright and early, as usual. 233 more words


He jumped in the puddles.

It is hot today, Scandinavian hot that is :-) 29,4C (84,9F) and it keeps getting warmer. It is the last day of this heat wave and even if I have loved to finally getting real summer during a vacation (very rare) I still won’t complain about the cooler and possible wetter weather we’ll get instead. 620 more words

My Dogs And Cats.