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In between draught and acceptance

I find myself in this moment of in between.

Draught has rendered the Earth arid, infertile. The ground has paled; grass and leaves burned brown. No gold for the upcoming autumn. 308 more words


The Los Angeles Reservoir - The World's Largest Ball Pit?

As you have all probably heard, California is experiencing one of the worst draughts in recorded history. With very little chance of rain in the near future, officials in California have had to come up with creative ways to save the water they already have. 225 more words


Vineyard II

Brown ground bakes under

sun’s relentless draught, holds

hostage enduring grapes…

©  CMM  2015

Real Sustainability: Dry Farming in a Drought | Earthjustice

.As the historic drought continues in the American West, policy makers, scientists and residents are bracing for the potential impact drought will have on our country’s food system. 661 more words


The Slow Rain of the Soul

Ask the LORD for rain in the springtime; it is the LORD who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, and plants of the field to everyone (Zecheriah 10:1, NIV). 485 more words


Helix Water District: An Embarrassment to Our Community

All we hear about in Northern California is the drought. And all we talk about in Northern California is how Southern California is causing the drought. 529 more words

Thoughts And Stories

The Farmer

Those twinkling stars  
Floating above a clouded sky
Blurred by the blues and the dark
Feeling thirsty for the rain of hope
Burning with desires and looking to cope… 13 more words