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Manchester Beer Week - Cloudwater takeover at the magnet

Left to right

DDH citra.6% Gentle at the start. Dry citrus finish 4/5

Loral and ardi 8.2% – cream soda and hops. Very light for strength. 90 more words


Waen - Snowball ( blueberry cheesecake)

Black with a tan head. Not much fragrance. Milky creamy taste. Couldn’t detect any fruit until the very end where you were left with a berry flavour in the mouth. 7%

Totally Subjective Rating: 3 /5


Ubrew - Athletic Breakfast

Cloudy with a yellow colour. Fruity on the nose. Juicy with grapefruit without too much bitterness. Very refreshing.

Totally Subjective Rating: 4/5


Thornbridge - Melba

Very clear almost lager like appearance. Very peachy fragrance. Lovely peach flavour of the tongue followed by a hoppy bitterness.

Totally Subjective Rating 4/5


Robinsons - Beer of Thrones 

Dark amber. Slight citrus note in the mouth. Bitter finish. One for traditional beer drinkers. 4.0 %

Totally Subjective Rating: 1.5/5


Bridgehouse - Baltic Rum Porter

Dark brown. Pours with a head.Malt and oak on the nose. Slightly smoky malts up front with a dark navy rum finish. 6%

Totally Subjective Rating 4/5


Brightside - Odin

Pale gold. Frothy head, small bubbles on the tongue. Wheaty with a slight citrus finish. 3.8 %

Totally Subjective Rating. 2.5 /5