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Arcade Nation

Rating: 3.3

The first new beer from Brewdog for 2016, this one is a black IPA from the brewery, it was released in early January of this year and was one that I originally planned to pick up a bottle of before spotting it as a draft offering in the brewery’s Glasgow DogHouse bar. 542 more words


To the farmer, forgive us ...

To the farmer, forgive us …

I am not a farmer, my husband and myself have a small holding just outside Bloemfontein where we farm with a few sheep and Lucerne. 1,120 more words

Aan die Boer, Vergewe ons…

Ek is nie ‘n boer nie, ek en my man het ‘n hoewe buite Bloemfontein waar ons met lusern boer en ‘n paar skape het. Vandag was vir my ‘n sielsdodende dag. 1,066 more words

“Mountain wind whispers
thankfulness for a scrub jay’s
color on her dry hills.”


Daily Haiku by Marshall Deerfield

(source: marshalldeerfield.tumblr.com)


Loading Unloading - An Environmental Tragedy

In the distance you see the Salton Sea from what is a boat launch ramp. Perhaps a 1/2mile away from where I am standing to shoot this photograph. 98 more words

Absolem’s Alt

Rating: 3.75

Roughly thirteen months ago I found myself in Brewdog’s original Glasgow bar on the same day as the brewery’s first ever #CollabFest (as they called it) where all of their UK bars would team up with a local brewery and produce a one-off beer for the day. 479 more words


Brewdog B-Side Mango & Habanero Barleywine

Rating: 3.45

A fairly unusual offering from Brewdog now, this one is an experimental offering from the brewery that is a new, draught only release for November 2015 from their pilot kit that I don’t imagine will make it as a permanent offering in their bottled beer range so it’s yet another I’m glad I managed to try. 679 more words