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Getting There

When here isn’t where you want to be

It only takes one step in the direction

Of where there is.

To get be closer to there. 8 more words

Recent Art ∏ Rock Monster

Hello everyone!

I failed to explain why I’m putting this post up today (Tuesday) rather than Saturday (which is the summertime posting schedule). I was out of town from Saturday to Monday night, so instead I scheduled this post for today. 38 more words


i is Moko 9/365

I’m sorry, but no one can possibly leave without seeing the squeak toys.

Please click on the image to view at a larger size.

Deviantart… 11 more words


Day 7: The Laughing Child

Being rather new to drawing, I have a limited repertoire of expressions that I can draw. Today I attempt to draw a belly-shaking kind of laughter. 83 more words


Day 6: Girl with Freckles

This image just popped into my head and I started to draw. The sketch has been edited to balance out the colour from my desk lamp, otherwise it is posted as it is. 61 more words