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Two To Tango

Pam and Sam over at One Spoiled Cat requested that I draw ES with a partner of his choice doing a “totally torrid tasteless tango.”  Complete with the tacky rose between the teeth.  281 more words



I presently desire to create a specific art piece but do not know how to approach it.  I have decided to practice drawing faces more. If anything I might learn something as I practice….I am hoping thus enabling me to better approach my vision…. 15 more words


Bad Art Days

Do you ever have those days where no matter how hard you try to make that image in your head manifest itself on paper, it won’t? 368 more words

petite fleur

​De nos seize printemps

Petite fleur d’amour

Tu fleuriras toujours pour moi

Another Plea

Another day.

Another plea.

Another thanks.

Another laugh.

Another tear.

Another lesson.

Another gift.

Another chore.

Another song.

Another curse.

Another question.

Another answer.

Another hope.


Life Chatter

Courage - Daily Therapy for Artists

Being yourself is hard.  Living with the regret of having lived your life according to other people’s expectations is hard.  Pick your hand.”  Jordan Bach