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Venetian Way drawbridge has been on lockdown; it may stay that way most of 2016

You might not have noticed this, but even though Venetian Way has been open from Miami to Miami Beach since March 1,  the easternmost drawbridge — between Rivo Alto and and Belle Isle — has remained locked down. 188 more words


Letter: Apply common sense to bridge openings

The April 21 letter, “Rail crossings not as bad as drawbridges,” is spot-on. I am a boater, but I can’t see why every half-hour, a bridge must go up. 98 more words


Drawbridge raises $25M as it takes its cross-device tech beyond advertising

Drawbridge, a startup that helps businesses identify when a single person is using multiple devices, has raised $25 million in Series C funding.

Every time I write about Drawbridge, I’m contractually obligated to mention that the company is… 363 more words


Dwarven Forge's Castles: 3-D Modular Terrain for Gamers

“Build the ultimate castle! Hand painted walls, towers, ramparts, rocky cliffs — all modular for the most amazing game every time. “

Today we want to present a different… 486 more words

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170: Moat

A ring around the Roses, river going nowhere, ouroboros snaking its way back to the start, over and over again. Goldfish asking, “Haven’t we been here before?” and “Are we nearly there yet?” like children in the back seat. 132 more words

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It Ain't Over...Protection

The best thing is, is when people are trying to get a rise out of you, and you don’t bite.

They know you’re in pain and they think they know Pavlov, and sometimes they will get a reaction. 36 more words

It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings