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Raise Your Drawbridge and Find Someone in Your Life

Do you have Someone?

When you have the worst sorts of days, the car breaks down on the way to the track meet, the kids are all screaming, the bills are due, sleep is nowhere to be found … 788 more words


When Things Go Wrong

When your job requires that you open and close a drawbridge and something happens that causes it to malfunction, that’s a bad day. That’s a stressful, paperwork-generating, workmen-crawling-all-over-your-territory type of day. 340 more words


My Dragon

there is a good reason
fairy tale lovers often live
in high towers
with a thick wood all around
they may need a drawbridge
and a watery moat… 65 more words


Bridgeport Depot Museum, Alabama

Several “I Grew up on a Farm in Virginia” posts make reference to the railroad that crossed the road to the house, specifically (My First Night with the Car… 691 more words

Renaissance Bucket List

Empathy, Sympathy, and Accountability: The Drawbridge Story

Responsibility and Accountability

In the next class, after the usual roll call and payments, Sid said he wanted to talk about responsibility. He took an example, that of a Baron and Baroness, with the Baroness involved in a clandestine love affair––the old Drawbridge Exercise you can find in a quick search online. 629 more words


The Tower Bridge Part 1: The Outside

Due to increased commercial activity along the Thames in the 19th century, the city of London needed to create bridges to allow access to both sides of the river without hindering the approach of tallships like the Cutty Sark (see above). 110 more words