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Making Waterfalls

There’s a certain graceful beauty in a moving drawbridge. It’s awe-inspiring to watch a million pounds of concrete and steel in motion. It says a lot about human ingenuity. 192 more words


Give Bridgetenders Some Credit

Okay, I admit it. I’ve been a bridgetender for 15 years, so I’m probably entirely too biased to write a blog entry of this type. But if I don’t, no one will. 372 more words


7-Sentence Story: "Architecture"

Once upon a time, on a world remarkably unlike our own, a castle built itself at the top of a hill. And every day, from purple moon to red moon, the castle would lower its drawbridge. 82 more words


A summer evening run in Ocean City - with a little scare

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When I decided to run in Ocean City, I thought it would be hot. I thought it would be sweaty. I didn’t think it would be scary. 626 more words

Scenic Runs

Project drawbridge

The first project I did during my study mechatronics was project drawbridge. I worked as part of a project group consisting of six persons. The goal of the project was to design a lifting and operating mechanism for an existing drawbridge. 76 more words