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Dear Cleo 17 03 23

Dearest Cleo

Happy quarter day my dear, you are getting to be a big girl now, congratulations and I hope you enjoy the book.

Me, Following on from the previous research on Prunella Clough I have been checking out etching. 229 more words

Drawing 2

Drawing a Day Challenge: Day #15

I think I have writer’s block tonight.

I’ve been sitting here with this open for about 20 minutes now, having no idea how to start the blog. 298 more words


Dear Cleo 17 03 22

Dear Cleo

I hope you are well, I am back from Florence and I had a wonderful time, I saw lots of things that I have only ever seen in picture books and I learned so much. 420 more words

Drawing 2

Assignment 8 Reflection

I’m a little confused…I guess I need to find a blend between heavy contrast in shading that I’ve been trying out and the super soft, midtone-heavy way that I used to shade. 94 more words

Drawing 2


Conte. What can I say about Conte? I can’t say I particularly enjoy it. I can appreciate the challenge, because its basically like someone took the crappy parts of using graphite and the crappy parts of using charcoal, and mixed them together into an all new demon-medium. 269 more words

Drawing 2


With Charcoal I’m more comfortable simply because I’ve had more experience with it. I also prefer it for its ability to blend smoothly over the tooth of the paper without needing to be burnished. 223 more words

Drawing 2