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Monday - July 6 Tomatoes

Watercolor and colored pencil sketch. The background was posterized in Photoshop.

Anyone for a fresh garden tomato and buttered sourdough bread sandwich?

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Day 203: Drawing a Day

Gandhi in pencil from a photograph in the latest NG. I had a lot of fun drawing this and was thinking this would be a great monochromatic watercolour exercise…do I dare??!!!



I have a Spotify playlist containing fifteen versions of Summertime, the Gershwins’ resiliently popular aria.  These are in various keys with different accompaniments.  They range from the apple crumble duet of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong with trumpet, the rich tones of Annie Lennox backed by a simple piano refrain, a version backed by Larry Adler trembling and wailing on mouth organ and the rock blues sound of Janis Joplin.  334 more words


Day 202: Drawing a Day

My version in graphite of Vermeer’s Girl in Pearl Earring…face needs more work but that’s something to try again the the future maybe?!


King George Playing Field #1

One of the things about learning to draw and paint is the embarrassment of showing anyone your first works.  Well I want to improve, so I’m going to post onto this blog to see if I do get better over the coming months. 89 more words