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I'm looking for a full time studio Security guard... No not really.

Okay, now that you all think I’ve utterly lost the plot. Let me explain my little joke.

About a year ago, my daughter who was turning sixteen at the time started showing an interest in Anime and more importantly in drawing it. 426 more words



In the few minutes before we put dinner on the table,  I suggested a fast drawing-the-dog game.  Here is a mix of results from me and the two youngest children.  23 more words



This was an attempt on toned paper to capture the dark reflections of trees in a brook running through the woods.

I see this drawing was done two years to the day from this… 79 more words


I Did What I Could

It’s really early in the morning…it’s even earlier in California. Some Saturday nights, I would still be awake, for whatever reasons. On school nights, I try to pretend I am not as nocturnal as I really am. 355 more words


'Life Lines'

‘Life Lines’ – 2017 – drawing on paper

This is a follow up drawing to the one in my previous post, ‘Mind Map 57’. In that piece I drew around my hand as I worked down the page. 156 more words


The Professor And Maryann

The professor could be a drip sometimes…

So Maryann would come to his rescue!

OK, not really but the title sounded FUN!  Remember Gilligan’s Island?  If you lived in the United States the 1960’s and ’70’s… (I’m probably dating myself here a little…)  😮 Lol! 43 more words

Quiet still life paintings in East Melbourne Church

The first two pictures are from a new collection of still life paintings I am making for an exhibition at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in East Melbourne. 32 more words