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Word and Bird Jumbles

I like to do the word jumble in the newspaper.  It looks like this:

Jumble means to mix together in a disorderly heap or mass, a confused mixture; a medley. 155 more words


30 Days of Draw: Day 31 - Post-Mortem

So, that first month is done! Weeeeeee!!

Assessment and Reflection

First, I have to say that I’m really happy with myself for having completed this. For me that’s a real accomplishment. 339 more words

30 Day Challenge

Drawing 03/31/2015

Based on my husband’s dream.




Hi everyone!

Today sketch is Magnolia flower that are blooming beautifully everywhere! I love the colors of the petals( pink ones) ❤️

When you look at the petals from up they are light pink but the back of the petals are dark pink or purple❤️ 19 more words


Lessons 2 and 2.2 for the Fantastic Anatomy! Video Drawing Tutorial Series

Hey guys, thanks for the support on the first video! I really appreciate and feel inspired by every “like” ya’ll generously give. If you missed the first lesson, here’s the link: … 190 more words