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Quick Sketches, Drawn in the Art Set Pro App

*I use my finger to draw and paint on the iPad screen, rather than a stylus.

Some: faces, a still life, and a mother and baby drawing. 108 more words


Jetsons Take Flight

One more Hanna-Barbera classic cartoon inspired drawing this month… This time it’s that family of the future, the Jetsons! Meet George Jetson, his boy… 171 more words


Sarah Ashbrook

My name is Sarah Ashbrook and I am a full-time student pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in biology and minoring in the visual arts. I practice most kinds of arts and crafts such as drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, and more. 351 more words


Never Wrong, Always Wrong.

Waltzing through the pathetic mud,

Luxuriating highest from above

The never wrong feels always strong,

Set in their regal statue stone

Cringing at the always wrong, 57 more words


Process behind "Final Frontier": Part 1

Part 1 covers the early stages of this film, when I went from “no idea at all” to “working draft of a story”. This was the sketch that it all started from! 391 more words