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Day 077 - No more drawing classes

No more drawing classes. :-( I started the class because in this Year of Living Curiously I wanted to do something new and also wanted to learn, as was promised in the course title, to see things differently. 231 more words

Personal Experiences

Isometric drawing 14/11/16

We started off by being shown a plan of a simple room with a cuboid in it. We had to then draw it in different isometric ways showing what different ways the plan could be interpreted as. 65 more words

Day 070 - Drawing class report 08

Taking this course was a wonderful experiment. I deeply enjoyed learning  something new, something that has changed how I look at things, and I liked the course itself very much. 130 more words

Consequences & Effects Of Curiosity

Kurecolours 07/11/16

We learnt in this lesson that using single lines of kurecolour gives a light effect but as you start to layer the same colour on top it gives a dark effect which could be used on walls to show a corner of a wall that could be a little bit darker than the rest of the wall. 148 more words

Day 063 - Drawing class report 07

Interesting how when I think I have started to understand something (in this case the basic principles of drawing) I get lazy about curiosity. And then I don’t do as well. 160 more words

Personal Experiences

One point perspective 31/10/16

In this lesson, we focused on one point perspectives and how they show us more depth to the room than other types of drawings. We started off by drawing a picture of what we could see in the café when we were sat down and drawn it in one point perspective. 90 more words