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the twins/tutor series

“The twins with their new tutor, in the lab, with Abacus, Boiling Henry and the Thing.”

As we restart the weekly “Best of the Drawing of the Day” feature, here is the latest outing in the Twins/Tutor series, which has turned up periodically since the second or third sketchbook in the project. 279 more words

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portrait of a (flying) junkyard rat

Among my convention table toys is a rubber squeaky rat I got at the dollar store one Halloween. The plan is to fit him with wings and make him into a flying junkyard rat like the ones in Kekionga. 123 more words

Comics And Cartooning

more! syd

Since The Goldenrod Snit  established Sydney Van Cleef, (affectionately known as Syd) as a canon member of the Kekionga cast, I decided last weekend to draw a sort-of-official portrait of him as my drawing of the day.  238 more words

Comics And Cartooning


Today I went on a mad cleaning bender.. It all started with the guinea pig hutch and it morphed out of control from there.  It has occured to me over the years that I am a bit of a slob – seriously though there are much more interesting things to do than clean your house, right? 194 more words


Merge, Simplify and Get on with it!

Today’s #Drawingoftheday – “Frida Kowlo” available at Redbubble

So I recently realised that I have so many different blogs, webpages and facebook pages running that it’s no wonder I feel daunted by the whole thing! 101 more words


best of the drawing of the day, week 161-- the new bat

I’ve been (mis)using my drawing of the day project for the last week or so,  to create the visuals for a highly experimental minicomic, so it was a real pleasure today to go back to the usual routine. 154 more words

Comics And Cartooning