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lucky wolf angel

As all practitioners of a (semi) regular routine of unplanned or automatic drawings can tell you, making a genuine “lucky drawing” is a rare event.  I’m honestly not sure whether the term is my own invention or not; it’s quite possible someone taught it to me, or just talked about it in my presence, so long ago that I don’t even remember ever not knowing it.   208 more words

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best of the drawing of the day: "box", or "hand truck bud"

As you can tell by the number worked into the design, this is one of this year’s Inktober drawings.  The prompt for the 26th day was “box”, which immediately suggested to me one of the many mysterious boxes that are stacked up in the sheds and pole barns that make up Kekionga Salvage, Bud’s transdimensional Junkyard.   186 more words

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best of the drawing of the day: the faerie dragon

There’s a foundation rule for Kekionga and the vast, twisted city-on-the-edge-of-forever space opera universe that surrounds it: no elves, no aliens, no ansible.  This is (surprisingly for me) a hard and fast rule that has molded the very nature of the Knotted Rope in fundamental ways.   124 more words

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the last day of inktober

It happened last week, of course, but I finished the October drawing challenge called Inktober in what felt like pretty good style on Halloween, with this drawing of Werewolf! 279 more words

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The start of drawing again-again...

Dear readers,

Sometimes I feel like I’m not qualified to call myself an artist. I don’t make money from my craft, I don’t participate in any groups, and I don’t circulate my work publicly. 255 more words

best of the drawing of the day: hidden

This one of my favorites (so far) of the special drawings of the day I’m doing as part of the Inktober project on the Internet.  This is a project that challenges artists to make a finished drawing in ink every day during the month of October, and there are several prompt lists circulating that some participants are using.   279 more words

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best of the drawing of the day: inktober, day 11

Let’s drop in on this month’s “Inktober” drawing challenge.  I’m trying it this year by combining my regular Drawing of the Day project with the prompt list and daily posting requirement of the online challenge.   299 more words

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