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minicomics ??, post 22: a drawing of josef and anpu

Yesterdays (poor, lonely, single) scribble of page 9 posed an awkward question regarding exactly how much or how little Josef (the model of both the mysterious animal and the horrible creature) and Anpu (retired god) resemble each other.  332 more words

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Drawing of the day

Since the throwback Thursday post I decided to sit down and do a self portrait and this is the result.

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best of the drawing of the day, week 154: cherry blossoms

This is one of those drawings that appear in stages and change with the circumstances of each stage.  The pencils were of an ordinary sketchbook world drawing of a figure leaning on a horrible creature.  207 more words

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best of the drawing of the day, week 153: alice and rodney

Ah, Alice and Rodney, that early 20th century brother- sister team of kid sleuths who explore ruins and historical sites for their own reasons while their archeologist/treasure hunter/wealthy dabbler in the occult/singleminded artist/secretly criminal/neglectful rich idiot parents aren’t paying attention. 98 more words

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