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best of the drawing of the day: hidden

This one of my favorites (so far) of the special drawings of the day I’m doing as part of the Inktober project on the Internet.  This is a project that challenges artists to make a finished drawing in ink every day during the month of October, and there are several prompt lists circulating that some participants are using.   279 more words

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best of the drawing of the day: inktober, day 11

Let’s drop in on this month’s “Inktober” drawing challenge.  I’m trying it this year by combining my regular Drawing of the Day project with the prompt list and daily posting requirement of the online challenge.   299 more words

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sketchbook snapshot (and thoughts on inktober)

I decided to participate in Inktober this year, and already, here on October 4th, the results have been interesting.

Inktober is one of those internet art challenges where people attempt to do or accomplish something over the course of a month and post their progress daily on social media.   423 more words

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Bald man in a Nova, detail

Followed us all night

(Work in progress….pencil, tomato skin, tomato seeds)


best of the drawing of the day: camp coffee

“The Camp Coffee earned a Skeptical Reaction from a Sphinx.”

The sphinx, in the Knotted Rope, is a strange(ish) kind of person with a human head, a quadrupedal but humanoid body with four large hands that double as feet, and an animal’s tail and ears.   303 more words

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best of the drawing of the day: three more characters, one of which is possibly a ghost

I am posting this drawing of the day as part of the blog series for a couple of reasons.  One is that I really like it, and the other is that the character at the far right, the girl in the simple black dress, sneakers and mummy bandages with the longcat on her shoulder, is the prototype of the new “Ancient Egypt Girl” character introduced here yesterday.   187 more words

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