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Drawing of the Day 8/24/2015

Finally got some drawing in today. Here are two for the day!

  1. “I remember” handmade pen drawing/collage
  2. “Where have I been all day?” handmade pen drawing/collage…
  3. 82 more words

drawing of the day-- poison ivy and baseball

Wait.  This drawing of three young girls, maybe sisters (or cousins, like you meet in so many old children’s stories), with their “Magical Items” seems to have nothing to do with either everyone’s least favorite horrible-rash-inducing plant and/or our national pastime. 218 more words

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Drawing of the Day 8/19/2015

“I talked to you everyday…everyone knew you were sick,” pen drawing/collage

anatomy of a drawing of the day: finished

Here’s the finished drawing.  I never put a title on it (there’s not really a good space to letter it in), but I think of it as “The Lifeguard Stand”.   194 more words

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anatomy of a drawing of the day: background

There comes a time in the development of any drawing that you have to face facts. In the case of this drawing, the fact is that the tall chair that the woman is sitting in looks entirely too much like a lifeguard stand to be anything other than a lifeguard stand. 52 more words

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anatomy of a drawing of the day-erased

This is my favorite stage in the drawing of the day process: erasing out the pencil.  Up till now, the whites have been mostly theoretical– they’re the parts of the drawing that aren’t blackened with ink, but they’re pretty grey with graphite, which is pretty much smeared all over the paper by this point. 15 more words

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anatomy of a drawing of the day: first inks

As you saw in the previous post, a typical drawing of the day like the one we’re analyzing here is pretty much an automatic drawing.  The first rough was random shapes that suggest figures, the second a drawing that established their poses and positions.  117 more words

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