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Finding the time

Real talk: I’ve been struggling to find time to create/draw each day. My day job, while fulfilling, isn’t very creative. So I’ve been trying to draw and sketch each day and find other ways to be creative outside of my job. 560 more words


superb owl weekend

I celebrated the weekend of the Superb Owl by drawing some owls as my drawings of the day.  Eastern Screech Owls, specifically, mostly because I still have the vague idea that there is going to be an owl character in Kekionga someday, and this not yet canon owl is definitely going to be a little screech owl.  70 more words

Comics And Cartooning

pen week part two-- the scritchy scratchy pen

Pen Week returns after a brief delay. The scritchy scratchy pen is the collective term for a succession of fountain pens with extra fine (EF) steel nibs that do the most of the small linework around here.  137 more words

Comics And Cartooning

pen week part one: meatball mammoth and other stub pen drawings

The drawing of the day project is well into its tenth year, so let’s celebrate with a Pen Week, a week of drawings from the most recent drawing of the day sketchbook that feature automatic drawings, with no pencil underdrawing, made with particular pens.  91 more words

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happy new year ...(i hope)

Sorry this isn’t a more positive greeting to 2018, but it’s the best I could manage. But at least this little brushwork guy looks vaguely hopeful. 67 more words

Comics And Cartooning

the possum lady of old kekionga

(Our now traditional post for Christmas night, an invented-on-the-spot bit of Kekionga folklore, originally posted in 2013.)

One Christmas night we got home late from spending the holiday out of town.  176 more words

Comics And Cartooning

waiting for christmas

Our annual Christmas Eve post, featuring the drawing of the day from December 24th, 2009. 

This little creature in his cave, looking out into a wintry landscape, will always make me think of Christmas Eve.  13 more words

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