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Animal Project

In this piece I studied and drew an Amur leopard. To achieve this I made a cover that was in pieces and placed it over my blank paper. 143 more words


The Top 5 Best Types Of Paper For Ink Drawing

By Nicole Tinkham

Looking to improve your ink drawing skills? We know that working with ink can be intimidating but when it comes down to it, the supplies you use make all the difference. 418 more words


This is a sketch I did in my sketchbook on September 22nd 2016. It’s pencil on drawing paper. I have always loved drawing long hair. I like to use lines to depict how it flows and moves to it’s surroundings. 68 more words


a swirl of emotion inspired by the song grynpyret-boba beach by soda island.

 18 x 24 Charcoal on newsprint paper

My rendition of my favorite square in the piece. 32 more words


Mission ready!

All my tote bags are packed~ and ready to fly! I’ve included origami and drawing paper for the activities we’ve prepared. Thanks to friends and supporters, this is almost going to be a first successful mission, soon!

Creation Comic Progress - 4/19/16

Here is the unedited (aside from crop), inked work. Sketched first with pencil, and then inked with Copic black markers of various sizes on 18″X24″ drawing paper. 33 more words

Non Time-Based

Comic and Portrait Step 3

Below is the penciled draft of my Kiowa creation story comic project.

Next step is inking.

Below is the penciled outline of my self portrait, before the charcoal has been added.

Non Time-Based