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Let the guests come in first...

The one thing I stick to, while thinking about a home and its decor, is light colors. Light, pastel colors do wonders to your home. Its soothing to the eyes and goes well with all seasons. 283 more words

Home Decor

 Layer by layer

Developing a close relationship with not only each child but also the class as a social organism, is something I have learnt to focus on. It has meant becoming very aware of the means to enable collaborative art practices for myself. 363 more words

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Play with Chance

The discovery of a city through journeys to source material, has always and continues to be one of the best introductions to all the places visited and lived in. 248 more words

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Going to Goa

Ever since I began formalising my teaching efforts through Drawing Room, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have connected with many like minded people. Whether it was people who opened up their homes and invited me to run workshops for their children, people who understood the essence of what I’m trying to do and worked out ways in which I could engage with children who could benefit from it, to those who were there for me with resources, advice and all kinds of help to see my plans take shape. 239 more words

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The red salon

Huis van Gijn is my favourite museum. It is the house of the 19th century banker and collector Simon van Gijn who lived there with his wife and servants. 174 more words

Dordrecht, My Hometown

Travelling with Drawing Room

It’s been a busy few months and the new beginning I made with Drawing Room is slowly unfolding into some exciting projects lined up.

Right from the start, my dream has been to be able to create Drawing Room as a travelling entity that can go to anywhere that children may be seeking an opportunity to make art. 175 more words

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Drawing with Scissors: An Introduction to Henri Matisse (Part 2)

On day one, we explored body trace drawings and painted with contrasting colours. For this, we referenced Matisse’s figure painting work from his early years, abstract collage and painting as he broke away from realistic forms to discovering a body of work in the abstract. 159 more words

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