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The home page.

On the Straffan House home page today, I see they are now using some of the images that we created a few weeks ago – like of the… 123 more words

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Jezebel Lips

Drawing room of cards, whiskey and loud clouds of cigar smoke

Men with their sense of humors on full display, a wide array of pride… 177 more words

Going all out - Food style

Have you ever decided “I’m just going to go all out, no matter the cost” for something? We decided to do that for two of our meals in Scotland, both on Skye. 394 more words

A Room by Any Other Name

would smell as sweet (if kept properly aired). Or would it? Does it make a difference to your feelings about the main room in your house if you call it the sitting-room instead of the lounge? 35 more words

Deborah Makarios


Whilst there is lots going on for the Uk at the moment with Brexit and Teresa May the new prime minister, I can’t help but think what might happen – if anything to the decor of our country’s most prominent house on politics. 62 more words


Video: Drawing Room Carpet

A carpet was recently installed in the Drawing Room at Historic Kenmore. In this video, Meghan Budinger, Aldrich Director of Curatorial Operations, tells us all about it. 21 more words

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