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Drawing Skills : Figure drawing + Foliage

Drawing Skills : Figure drawing + Foliage

This was an interesting week as a different approach was used to study human figures.

We learnt how to render human figures without using lines or forms, we used natural light and the shadow created by it. 99 more words

Drawing Skills


7 OCTOBER 2016

Today was not actually a test but every time I am told to draw figures it put me in dilemma. I am not very good at human anatomy and it is a task for me to draw one. 70 more words


Drawing Skills Week Seven

This week we looked at:

  • the relationship between plan, elevation and section. A plan will tell you where things are. The elevation and section add further information that cannot be obtained from the plan.  
  • 120 more words
Drawing Skills

Shading/ Lighting for 3D objects

Firstly we were shown examples of how renders and colouring pencils can be used side by side on interior drawings for differing effects. This involved shading with renders and making an object appear glossy/ glass-like etc with ‘lifting’ colouring pencil. 241 more words

Drawing Skills

Drawing Skills Week Six

This week we looked at using marker pens to render our images.  In the session we looked at some basic techniques, such as ways of using the pens to create different effects (for example using a colour with grey to change its tonal value) and using other media with the pens to create different effects (such as white pencil to create the effect of light): 407 more words

Drawing Skills

Render Markers

At first, we were shown how to use render marker pens to get the least amount of discrepancies, which turned out to be the ‘continuous contact’ method. 270 more words

Drawing Skills