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Narrating Words

Story: Pomegranate Queen  

Author: A K Ramanujan

A certain gowda had two daughters. He had arranged a good marriage for his elder daughter, but he couldn’t do that for the younger one. 1,268 more words

Drawing Skills

Exercise 2: Experimenting with Texture

I guess the hardest part was trying to reproduce the texture. I think I limited myself to pencil, pen and ink -for the most part. Now I’m thinking I could’ve explore more with other materials like salt+watercolor, but I’m feeling “rushed” because I am feeling like I’ve fallen behind on my assignments and exercises, and also because I felt some frustration with the textures (specially the wall 1 texture and the tree trunk). 171 more words

Part One

YEAH! My Newest Book is Launched!

My life has been crazy busy over the past few months, so this book has taken longer than usual to finish. For me, the most difficult part of writing a book is declaring it finished. 89 more words

Drawing: The Foundation Of All Visual Arts

When A Black Dog Dies

A zamindar, a rise landowner, was known for his short temper. He also had a weak heart. Therefore his household and his servants were under orders that they should be very careful about what they said to him and how they said it. 183 more words

Drawing Skills

Exercise 1 - Experimenting with Expressive Lines & Marks

With these exercises I spent a little time trying to connect to the feeling. As the exercise requests to “create non-objective images, no words and no figures” it makes you take a step away. 896 more words

Part One

Warm-Up Exercise

I was really excited when I read about the warm-up exercise. It was confusing to think of a temporary drawing. I wanted to work on my backyard with the leafs but I wasn’t sure how I was going to work them out. 858 more words

Part One