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Drawing Skills Retraining: Follow-Up

In regards to yesterday’s drawing skills retraining progress… it would seem I just got lucky.  This morning’s attempt to recreate that portrait has been laughable, ditto with attempts from other angles.  273 more words


Drawing Skills Retraining: The Fairest of Them All

I was hoping I’d be in a position to post this in a week or two after “art skills boot camp.”  I spent every scrap of alone time the last couple of days just drawing Snow White.  918 more words


Beginning Again

My allergies are on fire today, and it’s my own fault.  I kicked up so much dust yesterday.  After morning coffee, I started moving a few art supplies into my home office so I could begin an attempt at regaining my drawing skills.  354 more words


Some Catching Up To Do

Seems like it’s been a dog’s age since I offered a proper update of things.  I suppose I could actually go back into my blog and see for myself when that was, but sometimes — rarely, but sometimes — the fugue state is actually welcome.  2,482 more words



We were told to illustrate someone that describes us or describes somethings we believe in

This sketch shows that how ever tough your life gets you’re always gonna survive, and make it. Just breathe.

Pencil on paper, Drawing from life - My Violin

I am a big believer that the skills involved in producing any kind of art work come from the base level of being able to represent the world around us, even the most abstract of painting and sculpture has to come from some kind of desire to represent thing in the real world. 112 more words

Nigel Borrington

Teaching with consensus about artistic development

How do artists develop?  An understanding of artistic development is a starting point of any plan for schools concerned with developing artists. A consensus on the topic may propel art education forward. 1,231 more words

Artistic Development