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#Inktober Showcase

Inktober was started in 2009 and is still going strong today.  Mr Jake Parker, the creator of the project, has assigned very few rules… 281 more words

Surface Pattern Design

Exercise 1- Groups of Objects

The aim of this exercise was to draw a group of objects on A1 or A2 with one colour and loosely describe the objects.  We needed to consider their weight, size, transparency, shine, and consider the spaces between the objects.   227 more words

Drawing Skills

Portrait: David - Larger than Life


Portrait: David – Larger than Life

First day of a new term! Typically, as I am nearing the end of the Figure and Portrait section in my painting course, we have just had our summer break from portrait and life classes.   226 more words


Do you look, or do you see?

A few days ago, one of my four-year-olds handed me a drawing she had just completed.

I looked at it.
It was all in yellow texta. 268 more words

How to Improve Your Drawing Skills

While you might be great at drawing, when it comes to refining your drawing skills, this requires dedicated practice rather than sheer talent. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to improve your drawing skills. 221 more words


Book Review : Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators by David H. Ross

Book Review : Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators by David H. Ross

Artist and instructor David H. Ross shows you how to master freehand figure drawing without visual reference by using a modern twist on the classic technique of blocking out the human figure in mannequin form. 275 more words


Drawing skillz

A good way to approach a drawing is to first draw in as true proportions as possible, then make a second drawing from the first. This time just drawing the essence of the first, omitting stuff. 263 more words

Watercolor Workshop