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We were told to illustrate someone that describes us or describes somethings we believe in

This sketch shows that how ever tough your life gets you’re always gonna survive, and make it. Just breathe.

Pencil on paper, Drawing from life - My Violin

I am a big believer that the skills involved in producing any kind of art work come from the base level of being able to represent the world around us, even the most abstract of painting and sculpture has to come from some kind of desire to represent thing in the real world. 112 more words

Nigel Borrington

Teaching with consensus about artistic development

How do artists develop?  An understanding of artistic development is a starting point of any plan for schools concerned with developing artists. A consensus on the topic may propel art education forward. 1,231 more words


Animating a Story

As a child, I could never take my eyes off the screen of my brothers’ Panasonic TV when we watched cartoons or anime. I was excited whenever I watched animated characters like a little girl taking off on her broom stick fly across our small TV screen. 1,005 more words


Drawing Skills : Figure drawing + Foliage

Drawing Skills : Figure drawing + Foliage

This was an interesting week as a different approach was used to study human figures.

We learnt how to render human figures without using lines or forms, we used natural light and the shadow created by it. 99 more words

Drawing Skills


7 OCTOBER 2016

Today was not actually a test but every time I am told to draw figures it put me in dilemma. I am not very good at human anatomy and it is a task for me to draw one. 70 more words