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(16.7) Courage: Reaching Out

Reaching out.

For some people, it’s second nature. For others, it’s anxiety-inducing.

What will people think? What will they say? Will they see me as broken? 636 more words


Kernel Writing - My Lesson

To tribute the person who taught me an important lesson, I want to tribute my art teacher Mr. Eich, and the lesson he taught me recently. 533 more words


The Creative Plan - Watercolour Pencils Day 2

The technique used on Day 1, where the base layer was made up of cross-hatching colour, was so effective and interesting I adjusted today’s exercise to involve more of the same. 827 more words


feeding ducks in the park and wishing you were far away

I eat lunch almost every single day. Sometimes that lunch is eaten at the UC Davis Silo. If you’ve followed this sketchblog foir some time you will alreayd know this and you are probably as bored of the fact as I am, but it is close to the office. 175 more words


Hannah Campbell: Artist

Hello! I am creating a site in hopes to showcase my portfolio and make it easier for people to request commissions.


inktober 2018 personal prompt list

Every Inktober, I get so caught up with properly fulfilling the prompt list that it feels less like a fun challenge and more like writing a dissertation. 229 more words