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May - just in time?

Just spotted the calendar (hi tech, me). So nearly failed to achieve my target of posting at least once a month.

I had to wait to publish my most recent work which is a painting of our local, the good old Ring O’Bells, Moorlinch. 239 more words

Let's Have A Chat

I’ve been thinking for a couple of days to write something that doesn’t necessarily have something to do with books, movies, reviews or memes and finally came up with the idea of creating “Let’s Have A Chat” where I’ll be talking about random things, what I like and dislike in general or on specific topics, basically everything that doesn’t really fit into any category (or I’m to lazy to make it fit a category). 531 more words


Oil Pastels: Faber-Castell Creative Studio Oil Pastels (review)

At some point during my childhood, someone (probably my grandmother) had bought me a box of Faber-Castell Creative Studio oil pastels. I’m sure I must have played around with them briefly but for the most part, they sat in the back of my cupboard, forgotten and neglected until they fell out while I was sorting out my art supplies a few months ago. 503 more words