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 In recent posts, I have mentioned the autistic spectrum. Autistic/Artistic, not much difference between the two words and they really do go hand in hand, where I’m concerned. 938 more words

Arthouse Wijn-Ton.

The Ramblers

Here’s something I made late last year. A kind of ‘hidden object’ comic. The Ramblers was drawn in pencil on Bristol board, inked with a Hunt #102 nib with Speedball Super Black India ink. 48 more words



Hey all!! Here I have come, with my next charcoal!!

And this time, I have got a new feather on my cap-I did this within 6 hours!! 9 more words


'Chinese Shopping'...

…For this full page illustration for Le Parisien WEEK-END to accompany a section on shopping in Paris over the Chinese New Year weekend, we have a bit of a departure from the norm within my work.   21 more words

Paul Garland


A doodle way back 2014 or 2015.

I love owls. I adore them (not only because they’re cute) for their being mysterious and strong. I always love seeing them fly and it’s not a surprise they’re associated with the air element. 38 more words


3D Paper City

For the three-dimensional element of this project we were tasked with constructing an abstract paper city. The city which I made was made majorly of black paper, straws, red paper with some typography and mark making on the base of my Marquette. 426 more words