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Why the eyepatch ghoul?
        Many times, we find ourselves constantly spiraling in our own metaphorical bubble of existence; bound by questions about who and what we’re supposed to be, leaving us stuck and confused whether or not we should reach our full potential or be in the pursuit of fulfilling our own purpose. 160 more words

Robot of the day: June 4

When the robots free-associate, when they “dream” they describe to me that they experience an absence of accelerometer data. I once sought clarification: “You mean… like floating? 38 more words

the sketchbook project

i’m back at it, working on a new project! i’ve mentioned this in my blog before – The Sketchbook Project. it’s an amazing initiative created by ‘ 484 more words


Exercise 1: Still life using line

It’s become increasingly obvious throughout this course that line (among many other things it seems) is something I’m not incredibly comfortable with, so I wasn’t particularly elated when this exercise came up, However, I knew it would help me so I did my best to get going with it. 677 more words