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Animating Myself

Drawing Week 12

I’d always thought about what a cartoon version of me would look like.Would it look like a cute character?This class was all about finding out whether I could pull off creating myself as a character. 303 more words



Here is the psychophage. It feeds upon the humors, particularly yellow & black bile. Anger and melancholy are to be avoided in order to reduce the risk of infection. 107 more words


Hue And Saturation

Drawing Week 10

This class was about learning how colours can affect our thoughts and essentially a dive into colour theory.The faculty showed us some of his abstract art work and asked us what emotion it evoked in each of us. 162 more words


What if we could have kids teach each other about topics they are passionate about...

One of my favorite parts of homeschooling is that my my girls home with me while I teach preschool. Yesterday Dani spent a few minutes teaching the kids how to draw people. 75 more words