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Water and Ink

Drawing in ink and combining it with watercolor has become my favorite way to paint lately.  The freedom of letting colors and edges run together is interesting and each painting feels experimental.   32 more words

San Francisco

The Golden Fleece (pastels)

Day 17.

I drew this from my imagination. I so often turn to animals to express myself artistically. It seems most natural for my mind to conjure up beasts. 86 more words



Started just doing a sketch for the joggers and wound up doing a simple spell around it. Here it is:

How To See And Hear More In The Woods

What a primitive skills course taught me about art art

Why did I take a course entitled How To See And Hear More In The Woods? 870 more words


Day 17: Woman (top half)

I had a hard time with this drawing because I started it on the wrong side of the paper. It was all bumpy, and made blending very difficult. 29 more words






verb: inspire; 3rd person present: inspires; past tense: inspired; past participle: inspired; gerund or present participle: inspiring

1. fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. 372 more words