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New Drawing!!

70 x 100 cm.

“On the extinction of…..”

Strangeness In The Deep Sea

A creature I imagined living deep in the sea waiting to be discovered.


The All Mighty Doctor of Peppers

Had the idea to make a doctor pepper. He’s spicy, like his medical practice.


Dark Fantasy Illustrator - interview with Silvana Massa.

Silvana Massa is fantastic Dark Fantasy illustrator from Chile. She made great album covers for
bands like Graveland, Myrkur, Melankolia, Verminaard, Ironwood, Poltergeist,Dream Ocean, Haegen, Doom of Valyria and many others.

859 more words
Artist Illustrator


This is Astro, our pet bunny.

Or at an rate, this is what he looks like some of the time. Ordinarily, he appears as a mild-mannered rabbit. 132 more words