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I find myself being a broke artist trying to get recognition but the hope and determination that something exciting will come my way is just too tempting to give up on. 26 more words

General Update

“Ancient Road” – imagined landscape:

It’s been a long while :). What’s up here? The blog looks a bit different now because I’ve simplified it to a basic portfolio site. 49 more words


Hobby: art

I have always like drawing and doing anything artsy as a past time, I was part of the art club during my high school years. Though, I did not take an art-related college program, like most of my friends did, it will always be something that I know that I would always get back too. 149 more words

I Prefer Bloggersphere

This week my chiropractor asked me if I do Facebook. She wanted to see our updates and whatnot… which is fine, but I told her that’s not something I do. 223 more words


In response to my child's profound question

“How is your crazy friend like your crazy mother?”

(Here is what came out of that.)