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I find myself being a broke artist trying to get recognition but the hope and determination that something exciting will come my way is just too tempting to give up on. 26 more words

General Update

“Ancient Road” – imagined landscape:

It’s been a long while :). What’s up here? The blog looks a bit different now because I’ve simplified it to a basic portfolio site. 49 more words


Hobby: art

I have always like drawing and doing anything artsy as a past time, I was part of the art club during my high school years. Though, I did not take an art-related college program, like most of my friends did, it will always be something that I know that I would always get back too. 149 more words

Illustration Work

In short, I’m really excited about some children’s book illustration that I’ll be doing in the coming months :). Here’s a bit of personal work, a little owl character inspired by the stories in front of me, watercolor and ink:


Keep on Coping on

Look at this guy, always maxing out.

I was just about to finish recording a song today when my interface broke. Shieeeeeet. So that’ll be delayed for a bit. 13 more words

Art Psychedelic Hip Hop

Portraiture - Family

Here’s a graphite portrait of my little brother, 5 years old, in one of his mischievous moods.

And here’s me —



No reason for this post. Just wanted to post this doodle…
If you can’t read the font in the pic, it says Retro Baby or Baby Retro…whichever way you like it(^,^)!

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