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Complex Numbers

A little drawing to compensate for the confusion caused by the following: i^2 = -1 … But in the end, it connects to form something “thinkable” again, so it’s perfectly logical. 18 more words

Traditional Art

Fatbirds, graduation and transdisciplinary visits

Plenty of things managed to happen over the recent months (for example: Fatbirds learned how to juggle – how could they learn how to juggle?). However, their attempts to master the mysterious craft of cooking was very well noticeable from a smell-point of view… they said it was meant as a surprise and decided it would be a great opportunity to test the principle of transdisciplinary serendipity.. 138 more words

Traditional Art

Art: CROCS used to be part of my fashion statement...(-:

I used to love my CROCS shoes.

While I can say Grandma looks adorable for her age, and maybe her support hose are held up by a fancy garter belt under that dress, I still may have to seriously rethink my CROCS as a fashion accessory. 21 more words


Art: #SaturdayScribblers - Original mixed media art by SKey

Title: “My Pet Chinese Dragon”

Art Challenge: Dean Kealy- #SaturdayScribbler

How it works: On Fridays Dean does a random “Scribble” of some kind and then the challenge is to use that as your base start for an art idea. 90 more words


Sally; American Horror Story

This drawing is a depiction of Sally from American Horror Story. I used colored pencils as my medium and the combination of colors to create realistic features such as her collar bones and her hair. 64 more words

Drawings/ Sketches

Forest Witch

This is a drawing I have created using color. This picture portrays symmetrical balance because it is a direct frontal portrait drawing of the witch. I used colored pencils as well as classic pencils as my medium and again, created shadowing around the facial area and where the branches stick out of her hair. 45 more words

Drawings/ Sketches