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Art: #SaturdayScribblers - Original mixed media art by SKey

Title: “My Pet Chinese Dragon”

Art Challenge: Dean Kealy- #SaturdayScribbler

How it works: On Fridays Dean does a random “Scribble” of some kind and then the challenge is to use that as your base start for an art idea. 90 more words


Sally; American Horror Story

This drawing is a depiction of Sally from American Horror Story. I used colored pencils as my medium and the combination of colors to create realistic features such as her collar bones and her hair. 64 more words

Drawings/ Sketches

Forest Witch

This is a drawing I have created using color. This picture portrays symmetrical balance because it is a direct frontal portrait drawing of the witch. I used colored pencils as well as classic pencils as my medium and again, created shadowing around the facial area and where the branches stick out of her hair. 45 more words

Drawings/ Sketches

Man playing the guitar 

This is a drawing I have created using a medium of pencil. An important skill that I have incorporated throughout this drawing process is the use of shadowing. 47 more words

Drawings/ Sketches

Sunday Sketch 5.15.16

I decided to work on a quick ballpoint ink pen sketch today to try to break through a prolonged creative block. David said, “Name it ‘Frank,'” ha ha. 168 more words


Girl: Digital Gesture Drawing

Girl: Digital Gesture Drawing

I am not one to do much or any drawing on my tablet for that matter, but today as I sat with my tablet in hand I just couldn’t resist. 180 more words


Fatbirds and the understanding of chaos

Chaos depends on the viewer’s perspective.

Its beautiful facette’s perception selective

For what it appears to portray is not more

than imcomprehended complexity’s core.

.(c) Angelina Frank 2015 | The rights are reserved for the person that now owns this A4 pencil drawing and for everyone who feels right about a trace of intelligent chaos in the organization of everyday-life

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