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Girl: Digital Gesture Drawing

Girl: Digital Gesture Drawing

I am not one to do much or any drawing on my tablet for that matter, but today as I sat with my tablet in hand I just couldn’t resist. 180 more words


Fatbirds and the understanding of chaos

Chaos depends on the viewer’s perspective.

Its beautiful facette’s perception selective

For what it appears to portray is not more

than imcomprehended complexity’s core.

.(c) Angelina Frank 2015 | The rights are reserved for the person that now owns this A4 pencil drawing and for everyone who feels right about a trace of intelligent chaos in the organization of everyday-life

Traditional Art

Looking Up: A Drawing

Looking Up: A Drawing

Back at the dawn of this blog in December of 2013 I had made it a point to draw or sketch at least 5 days a week for at least 15 minutes a day. 38 more words


Taking Hold: A Sketch Part 1

Taking Hold: A Sketch

It’s been far too long since I allowed myself the time to sketch and breath. I took somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes to hash this out and although I feel like a knot has been worked out of my creative muscles, I still have the itch that says ‘you could have done better.’ For this reason I’ve decided to give this image a few more tries. 18 more words


Line Drawings: Things in the...

A couple of pages from my sketchbook. The top one is “things in our bedroom” and the second is “things in the double parlor”, which we call the TV Room. 44 more words


Paper Moon

Intaglio print on Etching Paper; 8″ x 10″, print edition of 16.

I created this intaglio print for a print exchange. The figure is seen placing the moon in the sky. 140 more words


Fatbirds featuring Sheepocalypse

Sometimes you have ideas.. and they make total sense in your head… The argument goes in the following way: Marshmallows are nice, everyone likes marshmallows (except for vegans perhaps).. 100 more words

Traditional Art