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Papa Bird

Hullo! Hope you guys had a good Father’s Day. :3 This here’s a sketchy card I drew for my dad. When it seems like the growling stomachs of hungry chicks will never be satisfied, Papa Bird saves the day yet again! 22 more words

Drawings & Sketches

Betsy & Ginger

Hullo! Sorry about the long silence. I’ve been working on a commission for two of my neighbors, (My first official commission, actually. Woohoo!) and I ended up putting more time and effort into it than I expected. 118 more words


Rose Sketch

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day, even for those of you who just take it as an excuse to eat chocolate covered strawberries (that would include me, heheh). 173 more words


Complex Numbers

A little drawing to compensate for the confusion caused by the following: i^2 = -1 … But in the end, it connects to form something “thinkable” again, so it’s perfectly logical. 18 more words

Traditional Art

Fatbirds, graduation and transdisciplinary visits

Plenty of things managed to happen over the recent months (for example: Fatbirds learned how to juggle – how could they learn how to juggle?). However, their attempts to master the mysterious craft of cooking was very well noticeable from a smell-point of view… they said it was meant as a surprise and decided it would be a great opportunity to test the principle of transdisciplinary serendipity.. 138 more words

Traditional Art