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My furbabies. The white wig on Princess is purely my imagination at work. She is a total diva compared to the sweet Samantha. Her white chest, paws and extremely long whiskers that often fall off are accurately depicted.

2D Animation Finished

Finished 2D animation requested by my friend George for his Youtube channel :)


Are they birds?

These are 3 pictures where I was playing around with watercolour paint, and then came back to them when they were dry and drew into them to see what forms came out.  They turned into birds!



Thursday's Drawing - Grand Slam #2

Here we are again and Thursday’s drawing is coming along .  .  . leaving the drawing alone for a week, gave me some time to consider the back line of the trees and how they were going to fit into the overall scene.  300 more words


Creative Flowers in Still

It is drawing of creative flowers in still.