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charcoal, black and brown chalks, 28x22cm

Ugolino is here drawn almost like a merman, with such a body, or a reptilian creature… He seems not to devour his children but to belch after having eaten them, with a kind of liminal and Cubist face which recalls Picasso’s ‘’Guernica’’, but of course stretched to the 21st century and entirely revisited. 106 more words



sanguine and white chalks, 28x22cm

Minotaur stands, like a Christ in Majesty, both with regards of his stature, his muscular body, and because he lacks any bestiality. 209 more words


"Dark Ness"

“…sometimes things are found in a complete darkness and when you see them there they just expand your feelings and then you feel how she kisses you and absorbs for a long night…” 6 more words