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Drawing stuff with Infinite Painter

This will be quick . . . I think. 

So, I’ve yet to take any of the classes I have available to me or watch any of the thousands of drawing tutorials available on the InterWeb.   665 more words


Style of Painting: Cubism and Futurism

May 22, 2018

Science lesson 66

Early modern art existed from the late 1800s to the late 1900s. Edgar Degas was an early modern art painter who painted picture that (as my teacher says) off centered snapshots. 521 more words

“Fear is the enemy of art. But it’s a misfortune to be in complete control and a gift to feel slightly lost.” - Melanie Peter

May 21, 2018

Still feeling a little lost and uninspired these days with my art. And that’s ok. I will continue and see what happens next. 27 more words