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5 Reasons The Switch To A Hybrid Car Is A Money Move

Facts: Hybrids are the wave now.

Crazy muscle cars that guzzle up your gas are out and saving bread at the pump is what’s in. 282 more words

The Front

Cartoon: Doctor Roo

My Picture Competition Winner for Neopets.com a few years ago.

I blended my obsession for the TV Show Doctor Who, with the adorable little Roo creatures from the neopets site. 16 more words


Two-Point/Three-Point Chair Design

Preliminary two-point and three-point sketches

Three-Point Perspective Chair. Graphite. 18×22. 2017.

Two-Point Perspective Chair Progress 1. Color Pencils. 18×22. 2017.

Two-Point Perspective Chair Progress 2. Color Pencils. 21 more words


Deep inktober 20 2017

This is a serious drawing on the prompt DEEP. We have our own local version of yet undiscovered Watergate-ish stories here. It is real sad and I think it’s now at a point when you wish a whistleblower and some real professional digging journalists could turn up out of the blue. 146 more words

Annas Art