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Color, Contrast, and Drawling

Color has isn’t importance, but it’s not as important as you might think.  If your color is close enough and everything else is done right, you’re painting is going to be just fine.   136 more words


Can you find the panda?

Hungarian artist Dudolf posted a Where’s Wally-style cartoon challenging you to find the panda in a bustling crowd of cheery-looking snowmen. It’s one of those puzzles you’d think would be the easiest thing in the world, but you’d be wrong. 32 more words


Gruffy Hipster man

I had fun working with all different types of pencils for him.

All Mighty Piggy Bank

Medium : Pen And Ink On Grid Paper

Style : Cartoon

Subject : Political Satire

Artist: Stephen J. Vattimo

I came up with the idea for this political cartoon from a conversation I had with a coworker. 165 more words

Black And White Art

Day Ninety-Nine: Beautifully Captured Art By A Dear Friend Of Mine

Tonight’s post is to brag on a dear friend of mine! The picture you see here is something that she drew for me after I expressed my love for the lotus flower and everything that it represents. 73 more words



Today in class I decided that I wanted to try an sketch, so I looked up something to draw and found a bunny. I started to draw several circles liked in showed in the example. 36 more words


10 Steps To Simple Illustration!

What I use:

  • Paper
  • Pencils (HB, B, 2B and a super soft lead like 3H)
  • Eraser
  • Watercolour paints & brushes
  • Scanner
  • Adobe Photoshop.

1. INSPIRATION… 571 more words