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DreadBall match report - Rebs vs Hobgoblins

Posted by Euan on 26/07/2015

On Friday Rhys and I played a one-off game, Rhys chose Rebs and I picked Hobgoblins in an all-season-4 matchup. It ended up being a great showcase for one of teams, and probably not the one people would expect! 507 more words


DreadBall match report - Teratons vs Martians

Posted by Euan on 23/07/2015

This evening Greg and I faced off in a normal, one-off game. Greg brought his Teratons (Glamtek TMNTs – although he may be changing the name in hipster protest at the number of people adopting the Ninja Turtles theme…) and I used Martians for the first time. 600 more words


Team Introductions - Seasons 4 and 5

Season 4

How do you follow multiplayer DreadBall Ultimate games and GIANTS? The DGB answered this by introducing “random” pitch invasions, achievements for particular feats of skill, and Martians. 802 more words


Team introductions - Seasons 2 and 3

Season 2

As the first expansion, season 2 added a few extra rules such as coaching staff and cheerleaders, rules for different types of leagues (beyond the basic structure in season 1), and of course four new teams. 1,078 more words


The greatest sport in the galaxy!

What is DreadBall?

DreadBall is the “futuristic sports game”, and is the tabletop version of a violent, high-energy sport in a hard sci fi universe. Set in Mantic’s Warpath universe, the background draws inspiration from sources such as Firefly and Mass Effect. 646 more words


The Neocrete path to Dreadball Glory (Scottish regionals 2015) Part 1

So Euan and I have decided to throw caution to the wind and sign up to the Dreadball tournament for this year totally on a whim, but the Blaine trophy did help convince us! 209 more words