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Dreadball - The Trontek Cup

Season 2016/17 of the WADDA Championship began with the Trontek Cup, an MVP-free competition that was a (re)-learning of the game for the coaches.

Barry’s Mandigester United narrowly beat Ste’s as yet unnamed Teratons by a single point. 520 more words

Session Reports

MVP - Nightshade

“Nightshade, amazing play in the three-point zone, but Skreeg claims his boots were stuck to the grid. Any comment?”


BIO: Not much is known about the one who calls himself ‘Nightshade’. 342 more words


MVP - The Enforcer

“Enforcer, excuse me, Enforcer. Any special message for all the fans?”

“Stay out of trouble”

BIO: Many ex-Dreadball players have joined the elite Corporation unit known as the Enforces, but as far as anyone knows this MVP is the only individual to make the change the other way. 462 more words


A Kickstart Too Far?

Last night I did something I never thought I would do. I cancelled my pledge for a Mantic Kickstarter. I had been to-ing and fro-ing on the subject for a while and decided to wait till the last day before commiting to a (small) setback for the total to make sure I was 1) certain and 2)giving Mantic every moment of opportunity to fix what I felt was a rather glaring gap in the lineup before quitting. 1,686 more words


Dreadball 2 Kickstarter finally gets an 'Update' pledge

When Mantic Games launched their Kickstarter project for the 2nd Edition of Dreadball, one thing was immediately conspicuous by it’s absence: any form of upgrade pledge for existing players. 383 more words

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Team Photos

Been toying with the idea of standard team photos for my Dreadball squads. I think I like this current arrangement, but am wondering if I should put a filter on the corporate logo? 224 more words


Minis Making Minis

Came home from work earlier this week to a production going on in the dining room. The kids were pounding and pulling away on some modelling clay and jumped in enthusiastic joy when I came in. 462 more words