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The Neo-Asterian

The success of the two DreadBall kickstarters meant that Mantic seemed to be scrabbling to come up with new and interesting models, races and concepts. Now there are teams of interdimentional four-legged freaks, crystal rock people, landlocked sharks, robed monks and bikini space elves with mohawks and bad dispositions. 119 more words


Bugmans Brewers after 3 games can't get much lower

This the current standings off the Aftermath league that I am participating at the moment With my Brokkr team Bugmans Brewers. As you can see I am not doing to well but hopefully after Tuesday it will not look any worse as I take on *th PLace Triple R. 53 more words

Mantic Games

Galactic Gladiators vs.

On Friday the final match of our league’s Day 2 was played. My wife’s robots ( faced off against Jon’s Galactic Gladiators (think Harlem Globetrotters) in what wound up being the most interesting game of Dreadball I’ve seen in a while! 1,374 more words


GlamTek Clone&Go Cup Matchday 2

Grim Cargo Skitterbums vs Retrograde Motions

Barry (Veer-myn) at Home to Euan (Martians). Story of the match: Veer-myn fumbling pick-ups, Martians somehow not. Ended in a landslide for the Martians not remotely deserved by Barry. 210 more words


Game On!

Dreadball, created by Jake Thornton and released by Mantic Games, is an intense and fun sci-fi sports game of throwing Strikes and bone-jarring Slams. I have been playing Dreadball for some time, but until now it has been somewhat overlooked on the blog, so I thought to address that… 281 more words


Dreadball Extreme Player Manual

The Dreadball Xtreme player manual should be hitting retailers soon so with that in mind I thought I would take a quick look inside to see what awaits Dreadball Xtreme players. 187 more words

Mantic Games

GlamTek Clone&Go Cup Matchday 1

Posted by Euan on 30/08/2015

Galactic Gladiators vs GlamTek Indentured Volunteers

Jon (Void Sirens) was the underdog and chose to be Home team against Greg (Convicts). 490 more words