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Ultime Traduzioni!!!

Finalmente abbiamo tradotto anche la terza e quarta stagione di DreadBall e ora ci siamo buttati su DreadBall Extreme. Chi fosse interessato può sempre contattarmi per email a… 50 more words


Brushwork - Monday 16th February

I managed to make a good dent in the pile of shame this weekend, finishing off those blasted Dreadball robots (painting the same model over and over again is such a chore – I think it’s one of the main reasons my 40k armies seldom got completely painted!), I finished off my Nikoul, painted up the symbiont armour on a few other Tohaa and made a start on my Bushido warband. 719 more words


Brushwork - Monday 9th February

I’m on a bit of a roll at the moment, and this weekend I finished my final Aleph figure, Achilles! When I built him I decided to leave the slung Spitfire off of his back, partly because the join was so small that I could see it breaking quite a lot, and partly because I figure he doesn’t need it – especially since he has a couple of weapon options, so this way he can represent either of them without upsetting anyone with strict WYSIWYG issues (not that I’ve met anyone like that, but from reading some wargaming forums, they do exist…) 393 more words


Febuary Painting Resolution, chapters 4-8 + 3 bonus minis!

Staying on target for Februrary:

4. Warhammer Fantasy Battles:


Warhammer Fantasy old school Ogre Gladiator. I love the old Jes Goodwin Ogre models. So much character! 497 more words

Reaper Miniatures

Dreadball Xtreme First Impressions

Instead of getting in my (mostly) weekly game of Dust Battlefield. I had the chance to play a game of Dreadball Xtreme.  As fan of Dreadball and someone who has written a couple of couple who written a couple articles on it already, I figure I might as well give my first impressions of this game. 1,353 more words


New team for dreadball

Here is my corperation Dreadball team. Still a fair amount of painting to be done but am getting a feel of how I want them to look.


OMG it's PINK!

DBR-7 Firewall. Another quick Dreadball MVP done in time for my game on Sunday.