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Random Dreadball Xtreme players

Used airbrush for the majority of these, with Vajello fluorescent paints. The green came out very well and I will have to use this again. Also tried spraying an ink wash to darken the purples, which worked ok but really made most of the model seem dirty. 30 more words

Dreadball: An Introduction

Dreadball, a table top sports game that is like a blend of American football, Basketball and Quidditch. Two teams (or more, if you’re playing Dreadball Ultimate) play it out in Rushes (turns) To try and score 7 points before the end of the 14th Rush. 2,302 more words


Dreadball Xtreme - Free Agents!

My next batch of models for Dreadball Xtreme, the free agents!

After the hard times I had with the Kalyshi(I will stop going on about it eventually), I thought I’d treat myself to the free agents as they have a good amount of variety to them. 332 more words

My Models

Mars Attacks!

For March I am still doing squads,

this one is from Mars Attacks, a squad of Martian grunts. 9 new ones, 1 finished previously.

I have not bothered with slicing off the mould lines on these. 76 more words

Mantic Games

Hobgoblin Team for Dreadball

Last Saturday at Warcon 27, our local annual wargames convention, one of our club suddenly erupted in triumph as he made his way from the traders to our demo table (also known as “that table underneath which we stuff our manifold purchases”). 245 more words


Dreadball Xtreme - Kalyshi Team!

Started to get stuck into my first Xtreme team, and I thought I would start off with the Kalyshi becuase I liked the models the most. 322 more words

My Models

A weekend of Dreadball Xtreme

So this weekend I embarked on a rather large undertaking for me, as well as possible the most gaming I have done in a forty eight hour period since last year’s fund raiser. 152 more words

Mantic Games