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Dreadball 2.0 is better than Bloodbowl 2016. There, I said it!

I really like tabletop sports games, they can be super quick, tactically deep, and for some reason playing a game about little dudesmen who’re playing a game feels cooler to me than playing a game about little dudesmen having a scrap. 590 more words


Hobby Highlight: Better Tokens

Here’s a quick tip on how to improve your engraved acrylic tokens. Often these tokens are simply laser engraved and delivered as is. They usually look pretty good but colouring in the engraving really improves their look. 220 more words

Hobby Highlight

Dreadball vs Blood Bowl pt. 2

Dreadball vs Blood Bowl pt. 2

If you didn’t catch Part 1 of the Dreadball (“DB”) vs Blood Bowl (“BB16”) post yet, you can catch it: … 1,840 more words

Blood Bowl

Dreadball vs Blood Bowl pt. 1

While there is a bit of a lull on my painting progress, I thought I would get started on this article that some people expressed interest in. 1,403 more words

Blood Bowl

Easy as one, two, three.... Raiden - week five painting blog

Okay so it’s the wrong Raiden I’m quoting above (Street Fighter 2) as opposed to this weeks painted model but I couldn’t resist.

At the request of Toby from the poll we ran a few blog posts back, I have painted my first model from the new Dreadball 2 Kickstarter. 200 more words


Hobby Highlight: Painting my Forge Fathers

I learned pretty quickly that it was a really good idea to write down the paints you use when painting your miniatures. You can use a computer or an app on your phone or a piece of paper. 323 more words

Hobby Highlight

Finishing up of a few projects

So for the first post in 2018 I’ll show some of the little projects which I finished up to close out the last year. All these would really not justify a post on their own (well they could but it would be pushing it) so I thought I would combine them. 536 more words