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Central Community Poisoners v Terrorpins

After the opening game of the season, where the Poisoners ran out as comprehensive winners, coach Alan was a little less worried that his frail monkeys were going to get their heads smashed off in the return game against Paul’s Terrorpins. 472 more words

Match Report

Dreadball Final 2017 - Central Community Poisoners v Outcasts

“It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, Dreadball’s coming home!” Sang the Poisoners fans as they marched up Springfield Avenue to the Central Community Stadium. 525 more words

Session Reports

DreadBall: Ghosts in the Grid

Later in the month, I’ve got some out of town guests coming over…old buddies I used to game with. Since most of us are interested in Dreadball, I figured that organizing a single day season would be a lot of fun. 369 more words


Brushwork - Tuesday 28th March

In this second of these ‘catch-up’ posts I’ve been making, I’ll be looking at Dreadball.

A couple of years ago fellow blogger Darren and I looked at Dreadball – Darren got the Kick-off set, we played a few games and really enjoyed it, but it never really took off in our group. 1,205 more words


...and the DreadBall Crystallan Team

These are made in translucent blue plastic. (unlike their MVP. FFS!)

Only Jacks and Guards. It would seem that they are wearing bikinis. Go underwear league! 73 more words


DreadBall MVP Crypt. AKA Ben Grimm

The Season six Crystallans are made in translucent blue plastic. But not the MVP.

(as with the Ada-Lorana MVP. Again, WTF Mantic!?! I am sure there is some practical production reason, But FFS! 147 more words


DreadBall: The Ada-Lorana Team and Phantasm MVP

Time to speed up the PJs and get something done before the month’s end:

These are originally translucent blue. I wanted them to be greenish instead, which was easily accomplised with some vallejo green ink. 132 more words