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My Friend Fancies You - Gaming Romance

So I’m back from Peaky, the game writing weekend, after a few hours on site. I left at breakfast on the first full day, with a full refund and a lift to a train station, but still pretty dejected and out of pocket through trains. 5,176 more words

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The Festival Revisited (A Lovecraftian Pastiche)

What follows is a very rough first draft of a short story, hacked out in three hours when I got in tonight. It’s not really a Cthulhu Mythos story – in fact it is not – but it is I hope a… 3,633 more words

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Fiction: 1982 - A Christmas Ghost Story

Every Christmas I attempt writing fiction, and most specifically a short Christmas ghost story. I think my best so far is Ethel, which I wrote last year. 3,588 more words

Uninteresting To Others Whitterings About My Life

Via Media: Reflections on the Appointment of Bishop Richard Dawkins

OK, just to make absolutely clear – this was my April Fool’s joke for 2012. No Bishops were harmed in the making of this post. … 1,067 more words

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Fiction: Ethel -- A Christmas Ghost Story

I wrote a little Christmas ghost story, which may amuse some of my friends. It’s a story I have been trying to write on and off since the Most Haunted days, when it came to me one Christmas Eve in a dream. 3,259 more words

Dreadful Attempts At Humour

Card Guessing Success Hints at New Physics

by Every Science Staff Reporter Everywhere

Astonishing new results that may suggest that the Standard Model, Common Sense and Randi’s Law have all been violated have been reported from the Gloucestershire basement lab of Dr Jerome Jeromesen (East Cheams Diploma Mill) in his latest zener card trials with Wiccan High Priestess & well known celebrity psychic Tanya Fluffyjugs. 416 more words


The Tobermory Effect: Facebook Friends Fiasco?

OK, so there has been much comment in the last couple of days about Facebook changes – and I being me paid almost no attention, because while my security settings are fairly tight, I regard anything I publish on their as potentially “public domain”. 979 more words

Uninteresting To Others Whitterings About My Life