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Dreadnought Chapter 9

“Hello sailor, I think I want to talk to you.” Elder looked at the speaker. The sultry voice matched the beautiful body (she was tall enough so that if he walked into her he would bounce off her well-padded chest, her hairline was shaved back to show a fashionably high forehead and her hair was dyed a silvery hue that had been Imperial court fashion a couple of years ago) that stood next to him. 1,312 more words


Blood Angels Leviathan Siege Dreadnought

What’s big, red and smashes through fortress walls that it’s just set fire to? Yup, it’s my Blood Angels Leviathan Siege Dreadnought – the latest addition to my Heresy Era, 2nd Ed Inspired Army. 644 more words

Space Marines

I'd Buy It- Customizable Spaceship Combat

So I’ve been playing a lot of MechWarrior Online lately. For the uninitiated, it’s a free-to-play online shooter where you are a pilot in a large walking battle tank. 1,123 more words

Video Games

The Wolves Approach...

Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson stalks the ruins of Tizca, snuffing the last embers of resistance encountered in the wake of the Rout’s onslaught. His Huscarls keep pace, his warriors run the streets and cleanse the buildings, mighty Ancients strike the battle field in support, implacable in their destructive duty.

Until Next Winter…

Dreadnought Chapter 8

Five minutes later, Elder’s guess was confirmed. A section of Marines moved through the park, securing it. A Senior Corporal, covered by two Privates, all three in Combat Suits, came to the blasted doorway. 1,572 more words


Contemptor Dreadnought WIP 03

Resin icons have been carefully thinned and readied, then positioned and glued in place. The green-stuff trim to the lower legs has been sanded back and the shape defined, small rivets have been glued in place completing the detail. 114 more words

The wolves have been let loose...

Jarl Ulvbane Thorvardsson leads his wolves through the streets of Tizca in the aftermath of the burning of Prospero. Olafur’s Pack and the ancient Halfdan serving as huscarls to the great wolf. 37 more words