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PURAVIDA Dreadnought - Tradición , fabricación de guitarras hechas a mano.

Nuestras acústicas son las gran tapadas del mercado de guitarra acústica.    Todo maderas de primer nivel  con tapa de picea sólida.

PURAVIDA Dreadnought – Tradición , fabricación de guitarras hechas a mano. 396 more words


June 29, 2015

I TRIIIIED to do 2 a day! But work was being a fk’in ****. So my AM workout got interrupted a lot.

AM Workout

warmup: foam rolled upper back, lats, armpits; shoulder capsule stretch… 235 more words

June 25, 2015

Was able to switch the order today: big workout in the morning, then some light work in the evening.

AM Workout

With all the pressing on the menu, warmup would be a priority. 286 more words

June 20, 2015

One last piece of misery before enjoying the weekend and the Fathers Day merriment.

Deadlifts (2 min rests during warmups, 90 sec rest during working sets) 171 more words

June 19, 2015

Late afternoon office workout. My least favorite shoulder killers. Work on my weak points.

Closegrip Bench Press (2 min rest, superset with resistance band over & backs) 123 more words

Firestorm Armada Commission - Complete

Done this commission! I like to batch paint, consequently, the updates are fewer, but more is shown at once.

The latter half of the commission were the larger ships. 25 more words


June 17, 2015

I tried ZMA for the first time again in years. By mistake. And it destroyed my sleep again. I was able to make it to work on Tuesday, but I couldn’t workout, much less function like a human being. 247 more words