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Dread Naught Series: Assault of the Banshee's Queen, Part I

As the TSS Churchill cruised past Saturn’s rings, its captain walked onto the bridge.  They were creeping close to TSF Outpost SR-183 where several highly-regarded Fleet Admirals were going to discuss the Fleet’s future.    480 more words


Initial Descent: October 1 - 7, 2017

Sick and twisted times call for sick and twisted music…

Leading the charge this week is one of the sickest bands in metal: Primitive Man… 567 more words

Daily Heresy

Album Review: Dreadnought - "A Wake in Sacred Waves"

The ocean is vast, and full of mystery.  Its vastness and depth cannot be fathomed without external instruments, and we still do not know all that calls it home.   606 more words


Album Review: Dreadnought, "A Wake In Sacred Waves"

One of my favorite discoveries this year was Denver based Dreadnought. In the progressive music world, I get lots of albums daily that are technically impressive, or lyrically interesting, but it’s more unusual for me to hear a band that is truly unique.  1,068 more words


Dreadnought is a surprise console exclusive beauty for you know who!

This amazing looking title is not one for all people but it might just be for me. I have been watching this title played and it looks phenomenal. 188 more words

Some of modern prog's best frontmen are...women

One of the oldest jokes about progressive rock music is that it’s a genre specifically for dudes. In the BBC documentary on progressive rock, there is even a slightly humorous section where they interviewed progressive rock artists like Steve Howe and Robert Wyatt and they pointed out that women didn’t ever show up to their concerts. 989 more words


Top 5 Wednesday - Classes Based on Book Characters

Happy Hump Day – it’s Top 5 Wednesday! As a reminder, Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly roundup of cool/fun bookish things that is hosted by Sam over at  143 more words

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