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Dreadnought Chapter 17

“Leading Private Fontane April Kezia Tempest Zakiya Ivanoff, you are charged with assaulting Lance Corporal Dawn Natasha Rachel Enid Belicia Kestral with intent to cause bodily harm. 1,030 more words

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Harriett Baldwin says Faslane job security 'vital'

Minister for Defence Procurement Harriett Baldwin today visited Faslane for the first time, saying the base made ‘a huge contribution’ to the local economy.

One of Scotland’s largest employment sites, HM Naval Base Clyde is expected by the MoD to employ 8,200 people by 2022. 163 more words


Dreadnought Chapter 16

Until the BALKANS was refurbished, Elder spent much of his time hunting down former crew under Captain Mizutani and records of any others fro Nihon in the Navy. 1,517 more words

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Firestorm Armada Commission Update #8 – Terran Big(ger) Ships

Finally complete these heavy hitters for the Terran fleet. Of course, due to white on almost white, no one can see the highlighting on camera. Next, infested ships and a Sorylian ship.


Dreadnought, Chapter 15

“Jessie, there’s a senior officer at the door in a dress although he is a man. I do not know him. He wants to talk with you.” 1,392 more words

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Dreadnought Chapter 14

Time passed as is normal in our universe. The Navy sent Mrs. Pangalos to her home, in luxury, the ISA hunted down the traitors who were responsible for her husband’s death and Elder worked on base while the BALKANS was refurbished. 466 more words

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Dreadnought, Chapter 13

Taking their places was no problem, they were almost the first in the room. The prosecutor was at his table, he probably had never left the room. 3,496 more words

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