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Sea Change

On this day, 110 years ago, the world changed.  The Royal Navy launched HMS Dreadnought.  With this single act every other battleship on the planet became obsolete.   552 more words


Heavy investments


A lot of stripping.

A lot of repairing.

A lot of money saved.

Stripping, glue, & greenstuff


Classic Sci Fi: Dreadnought! by Diane Carey

Welcome to my beloved Star Trek novels shelf. In an earlier review, I mentioned the high caliber of novels written in the 1980’s and 1990s. 738 more words

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Nemesis Painting Challenge Month 1

This is the third year that Games Workshop is running the Nemesis Painting Challenge.  Each participant is required to have an X amount of points painted with a secondary goal that will usually include a specific type of model.  420 more words

Games Workshop

Battleship Texas State Historic Site

There is a great line about history in Timeline, Michael Crichton’s science fiction novel about a group of history students who travel back in time to rescue their professor from 14th century France. 481 more words

Texas History

Converting The BaC Dreadnought (part 2)

The most time consuming and difficult part of this project so far has been the legs of the dreadnought. I think I will be working to find ways around doing this much resculpting for the other models. 267 more words

Miniature Sculpting

Feel the Dread... Dreadnought Showdown!

Happy New Year! Stay safe and don’t fly a Starship while under the influence of adult beverages; Starfleet gets a little cranky when their Captains fly drunk. 639 more words

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