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I’ve just completed my Sunday morning ritual. Shaving. I enjoy shaving and probably shave every day of the week. Most guys don’t seem to be as attentive to their whiskers as I seem to be. 636 more words


Ancient Ansgar Unferth

Ansgar Unferth was a warriors of note within the Rout, know for his head strong demeanor and bloody saga of battle against the Myeer Pirates during the wars of compliance. 26 more words

My First Dreadtober

So I haven’t played loyalist marines in well over a decade (almost two!). With my new army, I decided I’d get right into it with building and painting the model that prompted its creation – the Imperial Fists Contemptor Dreadnought from Forge World! 318 more words


Dreadnought Chapter Twelve

So it was that a Marine NCO, a Senior Sergeant, escorted Elder to the Legal Department. Elder guessed that the Legal Department had been warned that he was coming, since the Department OIC was immediately available to him. 2,349 more words


Contemptor Dreadnought #2 WIP 01

The second Contemptor dreadnought is complete, right leg reposed into a step and the left foot swapped with that of a resin Contemptor to give momentum and a slight forward lean. 47 more words

Monday Book Recommendation: The Clockwork Century

The Clockwork Century is an alternate-history world setting created by Cherie Priest.

It is 1880. The American Civil War has raged for nearly two decades, driving technology in strange and terrible directions. 283 more words

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Sons of Horus contemptor dreadnought

Hi all! Today I want to share with you my Sons of Horus dreadnought. I will show you in another step by step in the coming days how I paint the armour of the SH legion. 57 more words