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Dreadnought, Chapter 5

The three men looked at each other for just the one second, this was the first time any of them had heard the phrase “this is not a drill” in regard to Battle Stations, and then training took over. 1,206 more words


Legion Dreadnought WIP 03

With both weapon armatures in place, the spacers giving better clearance from the carapace as intended, detail has been added; a raised ornamental rim to the shoulder armour complete with rivets.  37 more words

Dreadnought, Chapter 4

Once ready to face the new day, his new day since this was still the same ship’s day from when he went to bed, Elder checked out the facilities available as listed in the computer. 3,424 more words


Legion Dreadnought WIP 02

Added in some brass spacers to the weapon mounts, pushes the guns slightly further away from the carapace armour, which otherwise the touch.

Next to do is attach the second weapon armature and complete the sarcophagus top.

Until Next Winter…

Legion Dreadnought WIP 01

Made a start on one of the Vlka Fenryka’s venerable ancients, decided the Forge World MkIV Dreadnought was too good a model not to use. 94 more words


It will be awhile but after I finish leveling up a bunch of ‘random’ skills my longer term, hopefully by year end, plan will be to skill fully into a Dreadnought, I’ve got some of the base skills now but to be truly effective in one I’ve got a long ways to go. 71 more words

EVE Online

Happy 100th Anniversary, Martin Dreadnought!


So I swung by Matt Umanov’s today, and read the literature on this milestone. Looked it up and found the blurb above on Martin’s blogpost. 180 more words

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