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I shot this one today from the very stylishy dressed Psychara (be sure to look her up on Instagram!). We had luck with the weather; a bit of sunshine and hardly any wind.


Month 6

How about a little update?

Thinking back to the time I cut of first set of locs off, I’ve come to realise that, that was a more physical expression of my ever increasing yearning¬†to change my life. 515 more words

The Beautiful Flower...

As I undergo this hour;

Of lifes little pains and dreads,

I’d like to take this flower;

And rip the thing to shreads!


@easylochairtool is for you.. One of our newest clients

How the tool works on your locs video

Link to Video

Where to order your tool to keep great maintenance on your locs. This tool works on all type of locs and We review it better than the Latch Hook. 25 more words


Hello Guys! Tonight I will be sharing with you my ‘definition’ of freeform locs. . . I believe that freeform locs represents freedom. Letting your hair grow freely with nature, one loc might go left and the other might go right and thats what I love about freeform locs and my hair, it grows in its on way and direction. 268 more words


Greetings Guys! In today’s post I will be sharing with you why I decided to do freeform locs. . . I decided to do my locs free-form because I wanted my hair to be different, I wanted something that represents me. 284 more words

About Kamania3. . .

Greetings! My name is Akw√©( Ah-Quay) I’ve just created my first blog ever. I will be sharing with you my freeform loc journey and various vegan/vegetarian meals and recipes! 254 more words