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We have to hold our own

We have to hold our own.

We can ask, we can tell, we can even demand, but no one knows what we really think. How we truly feel, and what we really want. 739 more words

A photo a day - I stopped combing my hair! 

This life journey sure is interesting, isn’t it? I promised myself that I would blog every day, no matter what! And I have already failed. I got caught up in the mountain of emotions that my mind plays with, and had to work at being calm. 217 more words

06/01/17 Today's tidy-up 

Started these locks 18 months ago. They were the shortest locks I have ever started, today was a second tidy-up. Seeing how much they’ve grown and matured is amazing.

Dread Locks

Hi guys, been a while Hun? Yea, exams came knocking, and it’s been hella crazy, at least for this few days, and I’ve officially joined the nerd/bookworm gang, it hasn’t been easy for real. 519 more words


When I'm ready to be loud, I'm putting dreads in my hair

When I’m ready to be loud, I’m putting dreads in my hair.

And decorating them with beads and yarn.

I don’t think there has ever been a time where I truly defined myself. 188 more words

1 Year of Locs.

I have been bad at recording my Loc journey. For half of the journey I was second guessing, going back and forth and worrying if I should remove it or not. 465 more words

Wanting Locs...Again

I swear I’m the most wishy washy person in the world. Okay, so I cut my locs in February of this year and it’s not even after New Years and I want locs again. 255 more words

Natural Hair