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Blue Dreaded Girl

I’m so happy about the way I painted this! I was inspired by an artist named Jacquelin de Leon. I was on youtube and one of her videos came up as recomnended; it looked cool so I watched it. 140 more words


Dreads and Afros Are Not Appropriate For School

        This story is very upsetting because a little girl is now traumatized for merely attending school with dreadlocks.

A 7-year-old girl named Tiana was sent home from her school in Oklahoma for having “the wrong hair style”. 178 more words


with all my thoughts and all my faults

my schedule has changed itself. i’m sleeping later and feeling lost about what to do with myself. i need to really work on getting to rehab more. 342 more words

Special Post: Anniversary!

Today marks our one year anniversary! I remember when I committed to you on August 15, 2015 and what a ride it has been! I never have believed in love at first sight. 168 more words


Dreds Day 25 ~~ Reboot #1

So it’s day 25 with the dreds, and time for a “reboot”, which is another trip to the dred-dresser to clean up the messy look.  Here’s day 23: 206 more words

ARTIFICIAL DREADLOCKS: true  hair review and maintenance 

Dreads: Ever since, have always admired dreads like I really it’s been my dream to have dreads on but then I was so discouraged about having one done because of all the things I heard like it’s going to cut my hair, I have to be on low cut to make it, it’s annoying, not easy to maintain and so many other stuff; I then felt I could never have one done. 432 more words

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Dreaded Woman

Is it okay if I feel the sketch is better than the finished painting? Lol ’cause I really feel that way. I lost some of the softness in her expression and feel I need to justify something… 22 more words