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5 Weeks With Dreadlocks


They weren’t at all what I was expecting them to look like, and although I do wish they were thicker and longer, I’m extremely happy to have them look presentable, and like dreads, when I have them down. 134 more words


African Crown

The beauty that lies behind an african woman is reflected in her African Hair. The variation of how hair is worn complements the the beauty of an African Woman. – P4P

African Hair

Kylara & Andrew [Devon Voyageur Park]

Meet Kylara & Andrew.

They are in love.

Kylara contacted me through my Facebook page at the beginning of December about a shoot with her boyfriend. 75 more words


George Clinton: Eating Pets and Selling Dreads

The legendary George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic chatted with me about everything from what happened to his dreads to his pet pig’s tragic death. I was born in the 90’s but thanks to my parents I was able to sing along and keep it funky withe the Rock and Roll hall of famer. 9 more words

Britt Waters

Committment Issues

On Sunny Days,

Do you love me questions are followed up with a cringe & a response “Of course I do, I’ve loved your dreads every since the first time I met you! 108 more words



Tomorrow is the big day on the Dr front. It’s my first appointment with psychiatry here in Ohio. I have been stressing about it all week, worrying that they won’t be cooperative with my chosen path or that they will flat out refuse to rewrite my referral for ECT. 686 more words