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"Do you mind if I hold onto this?"

Last week on a rush hour train, as I was squashed in between an absurd amount of sweaty humans on my way home for a weekend with my parents, an elderly man (presumably looking for a pole to hold onto) grabbed my deadlocks, shook my head and loudly proclaimed ‘do you mind if I hold onto this?’ Twice. 693 more words


Dreads: Appropriation or Appreciation?

I need to start this off in the worst way possible, but in a way that is entirely necessary. I am white, so my opinion on this matter doesn’t actually mean anything, so take what I say with a grain of salt. 601 more words

Cultural Appreciation

My First Starter Dreads Wash

Okkkayyy!!! So, I’ve already figured out that I’m not going to be one of those Dread Heads, who wash there hair only once a month. Nope, not I! 130 more words


7th retighten 

Hey guys, today was my 7th retighten, my   Sisterlocs are 6 months old. Yay!! My hair has come a long way. My consultant kept telling me how great my locs looked 🤗. 64 more words



i think i did something wrong when i took my new med last night. it is the kind that dissolves under your tongue. my dr gave the OK to go up from 5mg to 10mg because it really seemed to be working. 2,239 more words

Whole wheat bread

Home made whole wheat bread tastes much better than ready made store bought. You have fresh bread ready in your kitchen when you bake it home. 267 more words