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Okay, so here is the thing. I have had dreads a few times in my life for short periods of time. And have always really loved the look and style of nice clean maintained dreads. 382 more words


DIY Rip and Twist Dreads

Hello, little beauties! I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to do this post or not, because I really wasn’t too proud of the tutorial’s quality. 707 more words

Appreciation or Appropriation?

Yesterday I was informed that I’m a bigot, a racist, a priveledged white girl (as if this is a bad thing) and was accused of tone policing by several other also priveledged white girls. 232 more words


Legal Discrimination? The Court Rules Against Dreadlocks

By Alanis Rivera
For Unwind magazine

A recent court hearing on September 2016 has officially declared that employers are allowed to discriminate against applicants with dreadlocks. 418 more words


dread head.

good evening my lovely voodoo babies,

it’s been a while since i posted last and for that i am sorry. it’s been a busy, hectic, annoying two weeks and now i finally have time to sit down and take a breather and write. 446 more words

Dreadlock care

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Trip to JAMAICA🇯🇲

I’ve been MIA for while (sooo sorry). I want to share my recent trip to Jamaica with you guys. I went on a two week trip by myself and visited various parishs across the island. 296 more words