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Loctitian ๐Ÿค” ?

four years ago when i met my boyfriend his hairstyle of choice was this afro…

until one day of boredom led to this …

and now here we are today… 98 more words

Natural Hair

Growing Dreads

I’ve been wanting to grow dreads for so long but I’ll be honest, I cared too much what everyone else thought. ย I admired everyone who had them from afar. ย  141 more words

Why I Decided To Dreadlock My Hair - A Bit About Me

Okay, so Iโ€™ve had dreadlocks for a few years now, well coming up to three years at the end of this summer to be exact. Thereโ€™s been ups and downs to having them, just like thereโ€™s things I love and hate about having them. 754 more words


How Dreadlocks Change Over Time - What To Expect

Hey guys, so I recently gave my girlfriend some dreadlocks, about six months ago now, and sheโ€™s noticed that theyโ€™ve changed a lot as time has passed. 824 more words


Dready Steady Dreadlocks

Yes, I am a person who is currently aspiring to have some awesome locks.

I can’t exactly say what the “why” is, other than I really needed to break free from myself… If that makes any sense. 600 more words


Crochet: Faux Locsย 

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I have installed faux locs on myself several times before, but never crochet! Let me just say, this way saves so much time!! 215 more words


One Year Locversary


It’s been an interesting year, but we made it. My locs are officially one years old!!

How did you start your locs?

For those of you who don’t know, I started my locs with 27 two strand twists.ย  490 more words