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Deported DREAMers

This article gives the stories of several DREAMers — childhood arrivals without papers — who were deported back to Mexico, and the loss of opportunity both for these individuals and for the United States, which refuses to tap the potential of these youngsters instead of sending them away.


State policies on illegal immigrants force APS valedictorian to leave Georgia for college

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The valedictorian of an Atlanta high school is seeking donations to pay for college because he is not eligible for HOPE due to his immigration status. 425 more words


Noemi de la Puente the American Dream ugly truth goes off-Broadway

Millions of immigrants every year take a leap of faith, leaving their countries of origin spell-bound by the idea of the American Dream.  Shortly after arriving though, they find out that the promised opportunity for freedom, prosperity and success through hard-work turns to be just that, hard work. 966 more words

Librotraficante 9: Texas Tuition Equity

By Arthur DeVitalis (Originally published 5/10/15)

The response to the passage of SB 1819 and the Texas Dreamers’ stories gained traction. The bill made it out of Senate Veterans Affairs Committee but reports from watch groups on the case say the Senate is not eager to hear the case. 253 more words


Librotraficante 6: The Future of Texas Dreamers

By Arthur DeVitalis (Originally reported 4/15/15)

“Each undocumented student takes away a valuable slot at a public university that is technically reserved for a Texas citizen,” Donna Campbell’s Senate Bill 1819 reads. 174 more words


The Pursuit Of Happiness In A Land Of Immigrants

I’m a first generation immigrant. My mother had immigrated to the US in the 80’s, bringing my sister and I with her. I don’t remember much about the move, other than the understanding that I had no choice in the matter. 855 more words

Societal Issues

What do you do when reality intrudes on fiction?

What do you do when reality intrudes on fiction?

by Steve Meissner

The problem with writing about current events – especially Arizona politics – is that reality sometimes rears up and bites you in the butt. 848 more words

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