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#20: stress related to immigration status in students is one result of misperceptions, #100hardtruths-#fakenews

“The context of having a parent, sibling or relative without documentation, or not being documented oneself, is a unique stressor that cannot solely be understood as generic stress or trauma. 94 more words



 I want to apologize for not taking a stand sooner. I too was an undocumented immigrant; just like you I came into the United States as a minor and stayed with my family there illegally. 702 more words


President Trump softens stance, suggests he may not deport so-called Dreamers

SALT LAKE CITY – During President Trump’s campaign, he promised to do away with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA. But at a news conference on Thursday, he hinted that he may have a change of heart when it comes to Dreamers. 358 more words


Economic Cost of Ending DACA

Report by a former MALDEF colleague of mine, Jose Mangana-Salgado, for the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

Separate from the immense loss of Social Security and Medicare receipts provided by the legal employment of DACA beneficiaries (over 85% of DACA Beneficiaries are lawfully employed), businesses will incur a large cost of employee turnover: 144 more words

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Social movements used to be so difficult to get started and maintain… This used to be the sediment in regards to previous social movements, today it is a different story. 200 more words

Illegal Aliens

The reliable and predictable rule of law is an important part of the foundation of our free and prosperous society. Our immigration laws, which favor extended family members of legal residence, have not met America’s employment needs for decades. 387 more words

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