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The Power of Visualization aka Why You Should Make a Vision Board

If the old adage “you are what you eat” is true, then I maintain “you are what you see” is accurate as well.

Growing up, I constantly believed I wasn’t ever “good enough” or “pretty enough” because the teen magazines I subscribed to had led me to believe I wasn’t worthy because I wasn’t a blonde girl with blue eyes and big boobs. 292 more words


Slowly But Surely

In November of 2012 shortly after I moved from RC’s place I posted a page with My Goals and Dreams. It has been just over two years since that post and a lot has happened. 1,126 more words

create an empowering dream board

Whether you call it a dream board, vision board, or treasure map, the process of creating your own board is a powerful first step to achieving your goals. 1,234 more words


Step up & outside the box and what you want will become!

Over the last month, I have been stepping a path towards changes that will make the lifestyle that I love become reality. I have found myself at this place because of a hiccup , but one I’m glad occurred. 214 more words


Dream Big and Achieve It

Look at  a soccer or football field and the players know exactly where the goal is, and that they need to get the ball there to win the game. 776 more words

Shooting The Breeze

How to build a Dream Board

Dream boards are simply a board that gives you a visual projection of your dreams, plans and hopes for a time. Placed in a location you see multiple times a day, it will help keep these goals in front of your mind. 778 more words


Four tips for setting 2015 writing goals

In the process of setting my goals for 2015, I realized how much magic there is in writing them down—and I don’t mean just randomly choosing goals and then giving ourselves a due date. 600 more words

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