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He only went and passed! 

Hi everyone. If you have read my previous posts it speaks about a dream board. Our dream board is a huge chalkboard painted wall with all our goals for the future written on it. 262 more words

DIY | Vision Board

Vision board | 

Vision board бол таны ирээдүйн хүсч буй, зорьж буй амьдралын тань хар зураг гэж ойлгож болно. Юу хүсч байгаагаа, юуны төлөө хичээж байгаагаа мартчихдаг эсвэл үүнийгээ тодорхойлоогүй өөрөөсөө өөр хэн нэгэнд ирээдүйгээ даатгачихсан явж байгаа юм биш биз. 43 more words

Stepping Stones

Over the summer last year we were looking through house designs on Pinterest trying to see if we could find the exact image of what we’d been visioning for our dream home. 509 more words

Following my Dreams 2017

My plans for 2017 are basically to continue the path I started in 2016

Continue to work on my health, losing weight and getting stronger… 76 more words



I hate New Year resolutions, they imply that they are short lived and will only last the month of January maybe February. At least for me that has always been the case. 280 more words


Vision Board. What is it?

While I have also heard of a vision board being referred to as an action board, life plan board, dream board or goal board… 540 more words


Goodbye New Year’s Resolutions…Hello Vision Boards!

Why Vision Boards work when New Year’s Resolutions don’t.

Only about 1 out of 10 people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions, give or take depending on which study you reference. 566 more words

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